You will need
  • - TV
  • - web camera;
  • - system unit of computer.
Use the model of web camera which works with an analog signal. These are sold in appliance stores, sales of radios and so forth, but it is best to order them online. This is the only opportunity to connect directly. Even in the case of your TV the USB interface you will have nowhere to install the camera driver, and it is not recognized by the system. There is also the option of using a personal computer as a transitional device. Here carefully to see what connectors are on your TV and video computer, HDMI, VGA, DVI, SVideo, and so on.
Connect PC to TV with special cables and adapters. If possible, adjust the resolution so that you were convenient to use screen as a monitor. After that, connect your webcamera to the USB connector of your computer using the connecting cable.
Install the device driver from the disk supplied at purchase, and adjust the resolution and other settings in a special utility, or in the menu "Devices" in the control panel of the computer.
Install your webcamera so that what you want to see, got into her angle. In the case that its cable is not enough for installation, use special extension cables for USB, which are sold in computer stores. Now available TVs mounted counterparts computer operating systems, but even they do not work with web cameras, because they (the cameras) data initially designed for another platform and just will not be recognized by the system, in consequence of which the camera can not work.