Make sure the computer has the latest version of DirectX. Click "Run" and type in the box dxdiag. Press Enter. Go to "DirectX Version". Check the Microsoft website to make sure it is the latest at the moment.
Purchase a FireWire cable if your camera supports this connection. This will allow you to upload videos quickly. However, if you can't use FireWire, use a USB cable to connect the device to the computer.
Run any of the programs to work with video on your computer. For example, you can use Windows Movie Maker, which now comes with most computers. If you need more features to view and edit videos, get software, such as CyberLink PowerDirector or Adobe Premiere. Once you connect the camera, the equipment will automatically start playing the video and suggest options for further work with him.
Make the connection to the computer camcorder does not have USB ports and FireWire. For this study the equipment specification of your computer. If necessary, get this information in a computer store. You need a graphics card or other device that can digitize the analog signal from the camcorder.

Check carefully the features listed on the box to make sure that the device will be able to capture and digitize video from a camera. Also, choose a device that has RCA connectors (they are round and different colors). Also, check system requirements and compare them with data on the configuration of your computer.
Install all software that came with the video capture device. Connect the audio and video RCA cables to the corresponding sockets on the camcorder and the video capture device. Run the program you will use to capture the video and perform all actions necessary for its digitization.