Since USB interface supports 2 communication standard and several types of connectors, it may happen that the connection of the camera to the phone using the cable, it becomes impossible for this reason alone. Buy the universal cable. On both ends of this cable have connectors that can be connected to one of the 5 adapters.
If your camera supports WI-FI, you can connect it to most modern phones will not be difficult: it will recognize all available nearby devices. Another question, if you have any difficulty setting up WI-FI directly on the camera itself.
Assemble of the component parts included in the delivery set, wireless antenna and screw it into the corresponding Jack of the camera. Assemble the base of the camera. Connect an Ethernet cable (it is supplied) to the connector located at the bottom of the antenna. The second end connect to one of the USB ports on your computer.
Connect the power adapter. Note the status indicator (located on the front of the antenna): it should light up red.
Insert the installation disc into your computer drive. If autorun does not work, click start, then select Run. Type in any path (for example, E:...) and click OK.
Now in the window that appears, select the language and press Start. Once the camera is successfully detected by the program, select from the list the identification number of your camera and click Next. Enter an IP address manually, if the program failed to recognize it.
After that your camera will be assigned a URL, clicking on which you will be able to get into the device interface and to connect via WI-FI with your phone - for example, to transmit pictures or video.