The most important and difficult in the design document is a medical card. It is made in the clinic by place of residence. With this card you will need to pass all the medical specialists: ophthalmologist, dentist, otolaryngologist, psychologist, surgeon, neurologist, cardiologist, orthopedist, child gynecologist. After examination by experts, the map fills the pediatrician. You will need to hand over analyses of urine, feces on yaytseglist and smear on enterobiasis (this analysis is for rent for week before visiting the garden). In the end the card certifies the signature and seal of head of the preschool Department children's clinic. The medical card should be provided in kindergarten when applying for admission. To medical card will be required to attach a copy of birth certificate and medical insurance.
Certificate of family composition. It indicates the registration of the child in the region in which he goes into the garden. If you have not had time to register the baby, then when entering kindergarten will be required to register.
Birth certificate of the child and its copy.
A copy of the passport mom and questionnaire, which shall include brief information about parents (name, date of birth, place of work and position, telephone numbers).
Documents or their copies confirming existing family benefits. This can be a certificate from social security bodies on the recognition of a needy family, the identity of the mother or the certificate confirming other benefits.
The permit of placement of a child in kindergarten. In some regions the direction is issued to the kindergarten, and not in the hands of parents. After that, the staff of the kindergarten inform parents of the need to come to the garden for the paperwork.
After providing all of the above-described document written statement with a request for admission to kindergarten.