You will need
  • - the installation disc to connect your phone to your PC;
  • device connection: USB cable or Bluetooth adapter.
Install on your PC software that fits the model of your phone. Typically drive with the required distribution comes bundled with the device. If you don't have it in stock for some reason, download the installer independently from official website manufacturer. Make sure that the version is suitable for your model. Usually need is in the menu of the review of the model of your mobile phone under "Software" or other files to the device.
During installation of downloaded software, follow the menu items. Please note that you must have a special USB cable to connect the device and also the Bluetooth adapter if your phone supports this type of communication to exchange information. Pair mobile device with your computer.
Run the data synchronization mode. Wait until the operation is complete, review the displayed information of your phone in the "Phone book" or "Contacts" (can depend on manufacturer).
Copy a contact from your phonebook into the phone using the installed software. If necessary, save the list as a file on computere, in order not to lose data in the future, for example, after reinstalling the software or for sending by mail. Most programs will generate the list to a file, which can later be opened on your computer programs from different manufacturers, this is useful in cases when you have too many contacts to manually transfer data to the memory of another device. In this case, simply connect your phone to computer and then sync, open the program the file contacts. Copy them to the memory of the mobile device.