You will need
  • - the USB cord;
  • - Itunes;
  • - access to the Internet.
Initially you need to transfer contacts from your old phone to your computer and save according to extension of Microsoft Outlook.
If in the former the notebook have contacts that have multiple numbers with the mobile status, then when you sync to a new phone only rewritten the first rooms, and all the rest will be lost. Therefore, all phone numbers of one contact must be assigned different statuses, for example - work, home, etc.
To download the program Itunes. After installing it on the computer to check the contacts in Microsoft Outlook. To verify this, press the bottom of the program team Contacts.
Next, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer and launch Itunes. After selecting in the dialog box, the string "iPhone" you need to go to the Information tab. By checking "Sync contacts with", select the string "Outlook" click "Apply". If done correctly, the contacts are transferred to your iPhone.
For users who don't trust various kinds of programs or have a large phone book, there is another alternative method of porting. It is even simpler than the previous one, and also the risk of losing existing contacts when it is equal to zero.
This method consists of exporting the existing numbers stored in the vCard format. After transferring the contacts to computer to Outlook you need to save them in a special vCard format in any folder, for example c:\temp.
The result is a folder with many *.vcf files, where 1 file displays 1 contact. You then need to combine them into a single file. This made operation: start - Run - cmd. In the line you need to enter cd c:\temp and copy /a *.vcf c:\allcards.vcf.
At the root of the drive you should see a file called allcards.vcf. Next, it creates the email with the file attached to it, which is sent to the Inbox of the iPhone.
Then, on the phone, opening the vcf file via the received email, click "Add all contacts", then address book will be updated.