Sync settings are in iTunes. Before operation, install the latest version of the application from the official program website or use the update section in the program window.
Contacts sync can be performed via the USB cable supplied with the device. Open the program using the menu option "start" or a shortcut on the desktop or the quick launch bar. Connect your device to computer and wait for it to determine the application.
Click on the icon of your device in the upper right corner of the iTunes window, and then click the Information tab of the top toolbar.
Check the box next to "Sync contacts with" and select a suitable program for storing contact data or import data. You can synchronize with Microsoft Outlook "Contacts" Windows Address book (Mac) or "Contacts".
During the synchronization process you will see a list of contacts that are stored in one of the selected apps. You can select all records or specify only certain elements. You can add group, and are copied to all records created on your device. Also you can sync iTunes with your account on Gmail and Yahoo.
In the "Additions" of the iTunes window, check the box next to Contacts. Once all settings are made, hit "Sync" and wait for the end of the procedure. All your contacts will be securely stored in the selected location of the computer and can be restored or downloaded to your machine.
In the event of problems in the functioning of the device stored data can be used during the recovery procedure. To do this, connect your device to the computer using the USB cable and wait for its definition. Then right click on the icon of your device in the left pane of iTunes ("View" - "Sidebar") and select "Restore from backup". All your contacts will be restored on the phone.