Advice 1: How to copy phonebook to computer

If your phone was stolen, lost, or due to technical damage is not subject to recovery, you risk losing your telephone bookstored in the phone memory. Contacts on the SIM card is often not enough to phone book in phone memory much easier. To ensure that you can recover the phone book if necessary, you should copy it to the computer.
How to copy phonebook to computer
In order to copy a phone book on the computer, you should synchronize the phone with computerom. Download the software to sync and driver for your phone and buy data cable. This is necessary only if the disk with the software and cable not included with your phone.
Install the driver and software. Depending on the phone model, this may require different actions, but the best option in which you originally set. After that, connect your phone to computerand install driver for your phone manually by selecting installation from the indicated location. Then run the program to sync and make sure it "sees" the phone. If not, disconnect and re-connect the phone.
Once you sync the phone with computerOhm, use a special menu on the SIM card to copy a phone book on the computer. Make sure that battery is enough to copy and start. Saving a phone book on computere, review it to make sure that the process was successful. Disconnect the phone using safely remove device".

Advice 2: How to copy phone book

Promptly copied to the computer phone book will help you keep your contacts intact and unharmed, even if your faithful friend and assistant, a mobile phone gets lost or broken. In the worst case you will just need to copy it to a new device to continue to stay in touch with each contact in your phonebook.
How to copy phone book
To copy a phone book to the computer, you will need special software that allows you to connect to the phone. Today you can find a generic program suitable for many models of machines from different manufacturers. However, a single common program, no, because, for example, different smartphones have different operating systems. However, the most popular programs of this type, allows not only to copy the phone book, but acting as a conduit that displays all the contents of the memory device in the form of files and folders, are PC Suite and ActiveSync. The latter, starting with Windows Vista, was renamed "Windows Mobile Device Center".
Determine what operating system is installed in your device. This will depend on the choice of the program to connect to the computer:
• For Symbian OS – you will need PC Suite;
• For Windows Mobile - Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync);
• For Android OS - Android-Sync or MOBILedit (the latter, incidentally, claims to be a universal solution, suitable to devices with different operating systems);
• For conventional mobile phone program to phones of a particular manufacturer.
How to copy phone book to the computer and keep it in case of loss, then show an example of the program PC Suite and Nokia phone. Connect the phone via special cable and run the program.
In the program menu select "Backup". A window will open Nokia Content Copier, which also specify a "Backup". Next, check the boxes next to the data you want to save, in particular, choose "Contacts" (if you want point and other data).
Choose the storage location of backup file data and click "Next". During operation do not disconnect or use the phone. When the copying is completed, your contacts will be stored in the computer. In the future, if necessary, you can copy the phone book back into the machine.

Advice 3: How to copy photos from phone to computer

Modern mobile phones allow us not only to make calls and send or receive text messages, but also to make pictures of relatively good quality. And sooner or later the need arises to copy photos from cell phone to the hard drive of the computer. And it can be done in different ways.
How to copy photos from phone to computer
You will need
  • Data cable or bluetooth adapters
Using date-kabelsalat phone and computer using data cable. It should be standard on your mobile. Set the connection mode to "file Transfer" (data Transfer, etc. - the exact name of the connection mode depends on the model of your mobile phone). If necessary, install the drivers. They should be supplied with the phone, or freely distributed on the website of the manufacturer. If you have any difficulty, read the user's manual.
Copy photos from the phoneusing standard tools of your OS. Depending on the software of a connected telephone can be identified by the system as an external drive. If the computer has a special program to synchronize, copy photos from your phone through it – detailed instructions on how to do this, look in the help system synchronization program or in the user manual of the phone
Via bluetooth adaptervoltage to copy photos from phone to computer Bluetooth connection. If your computer does not have bluetooth built in, purchase and connect an external. To establish a bluetooth connection, turn on the adapters on both devices. In case of difficulty, consult the help system or user manual.
Enter a password for bluetooth connection. Most often it consists of four numbers that you have to think for yourself and enter on both devices. But it so happens that the password sets the system itself, and you will need to confirm this code on the second gadget. After connection, pictures can be sent via the context menu of the phone or computer. Or, if this feature is supported, through a special sync program that came with the phone.
In extreme cases, to copy pictures by using the MMS. The files you need will be enough to sent to their own email, then copy from the email to the hard drive of the computer. However, it is from the account of the phone will be charged the fee according to your tariff plan.
Useful advice
Some older models of mobile phones equipped with IR ports. To transfer photos in this case you will need to purchase and connect an infrared (IrDA-adapter) to the computer and place both devices in the vicinity, pointing the IR ports at each other.
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