In order to copy a phone book on the computer, you should synchronize the phone with computerom. Download the software to sync and driver for your phone and buy data cable. This is necessary only if the disk with the software and cable not included with your phone.
Install the driver and software. Depending on the phone model, this may require different actions, but the best option in which you originally set. After that, connect your phone to computerand install driver for your phone manually by selecting installation from the indicated location. Then run the program to sync and make sure it "sees" the phone. If not, disconnect and re-connect the phone.
Once you sync the phone with computerOhm, use a special menu on the SIM card to copy a phone book on the computer. Make sure that battery is enough to copy and start. Saving a phone book on computere, review it to make sure that the process was successful. Disconnect the phone using safely remove device".