To copy a phone book to the computer, you will need special software that allows you to connect to the phone. Today you can find a generic program suitable for many models of machines from different manufacturers. However, a single common program, no, because, for example, different smartphones have different operating systems. However, the most popular programs of this type, allows not only to copy the phone book, but acting as a conduit that displays all the contents of the memory device in the form of files and folders, are PC Suite and ActiveSync. The latter, starting with Windows Vista, was renamed "Windows Mobile Device Center".
Determine what operating system is installed in your device. This will depend on the choice of the program to connect to the computer:
• For Symbian OS – you will need PC Suite;
• For Windows Mobile - Windows Mobile Device Center (ActiveSync);
• For Android OS - Android-Sync or MOBILedit (the latter, incidentally, claims to be a universal solution, suitable to devices with different operating systems);
• For conventional mobile phone program to phones of a particular manufacturer.
How to copy phone book to the computer and keep it in case of loss, then show an example of the program PC Suite and Nokia phone. Connect the phone via special cable and run the program.
In the program menu select "Backup". A window will open Nokia Content Copier, which also specify a "Backup". Next, check the boxes next to the data you want to save, in particular, choose "Contacts" (if you want point and other data).
Choose the storage location of backup file data and click "Next". During operation do not disconnect or use the phone. When the copying is completed, your contacts will be stored in the computer. In the future, if necessary, you can copy the phone book back into the machine.