The easiest way to take a screenshot is to use the standard function system, press Print Screen. She is at the top of the keyboard on the right side, after the soft key F. After clicking it, it should be used in any pleasing you folder create a graphics file, for example, figure Paint, office picture manager. Then open this file and choose the paste option or press Ctrl+V. then in the folder with the generated graphic file, you will see a snapshot of your screen, which you can edit in any editor. The finished image can be send by mail, upload on the website or print.
To make the screen, in addition to the system utilities, there are special programs. Their main difference from the standard method, is the broader set of tools and functions. Although the main principle remains the same. Special programs can not just make the screen, but also to maintain it in any desired graphic format. In addition to these programs, you can choose not only the entire screen for a picture, and a certain, area. You can still paint over some parts of the image, for example, personal data, names or other information that do not want to show.
Sometimes you need to do not just the screenbut to depict certain actions. For this there are programs to record video from the screen. This allows you to remove what you are doing on screen and even voice. This function serves for creation of video lessons, tutorials, and compiling practical guidelines, for example, when working with a new program. So, you have someone to share your skills and knowledge. The management of such programmes is very simple. When it starts, select some part or the entire screen, press the record button, and then you can work. The resulting video can be saved in formats .avi or .swf, then to use or edit at your discretion.