To make a screenshotusing the keyboard, press PrtSc SysRq. You can find it in the right part of the keyboard in the top row.
When you press PrtSc SysRq externally on a computer monitor, nothing will change, however, in the clipboard for later use saved photos screen, which was recorded last click of the keyboard.
Save the screenshot file in the program you want. Preferred for this use is Paint included in the set of standard Windows programs. Open a blank document and select "paste" or by pressing Ctrl + C. Edit the screenshot as you want. You can cut out the unnecessary parts, make marks, etc. Save the file giving it an appropriate name. To insert a screenshot of the screen you can in other editors, like MS Word as a picture, Photoshop.
Pressing PrtScr SysRq you place the screen contents to the clipboard of the operating system, and you'll just have to save it as a image file.
Even easier to make screenshots of the screen with the help of special programs. Download Gadwin PrintScreen Pro, install on computer and run it. The next time the computer it will be run automatically, but it does not interfere with work, discreetly housed in a tray.
Click on the same key PrtSc SysRq. After clicking it, the program will immediately open the image on the screen that you get. In Gadwin PrintScreen, you can immediately make all necessary changes to the screen, and then save the file. It's also easy to select and copy the desired portion of the screenshot made on the computer in another editor.