Screenshot in Windows

One of the easiest ways to make a screenshot is to use the button PrtSc (Print Screen) located in the top row of your keyboard on the right side. A screenshot of the information shown on the screen, proceed as follows:

1. Press PrtSc once in the process which is not observed peculiar sounds and clicks, but the photo screen is recorded in the computer memory.

2. Open one of the programs that can handle images (Paint, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word).

3. The program Paint is included in the standard Windows products and are on each computer. To open it, you need in the menu "start" choose the tab "All programs" and navigate to "Standard". After the opening program in the upper pane select the command "Paste" under "edit". The photographed image is displayed on the screen.

4. To insert a screenshot in Microsoft Word you need to enter the program, open the document, position the cursor on the place where you plan to display a picture and apply the 'Paste' function.

5. Below the screenshot you use repeatedly, you need to keep it. To do this, under "File" any of the programs you need to choose "Save as", give the file a name, select the folder and confirm the document is saved.

If you want to take a screenshot of one window open, just hit Alt+PrtSc, then enter one of the suggested programs to insert a picture and save it.

Use the Print Screen key for capturing images on the screen is universal to all computers on which Windows is installed.

The program for creating screenshots snipping tool for Windows 7, 8 and Vista

If the computer or laptop is lined with Windows operating system 7, 8 or Vista, you more convenient way to make a screenshot of screen or a selected area. This can be done using standard programs Snipping Tool or "Scissors" as follows:

1. In the "start" menu go to "All programs" - "Accessories" and click on "Scissors".

2. Will display a window in which the tab "Create" you need to choose the type of photo: free form, rectangle, window or full screen.

3. Cursor to indicate the image region, then the selection is displayed in the program window.

The program can carry out the edit the picture and save it using " File - Save as.

Other programs for creating screenshots

For a permanent job with the screenshots and features high-quality editing captured images are used in functional programs, the most popular of which are:

1. Screenshot Maker is a fast and convenient program for creating screenshots, allowing to make snapshots of the entire screen, individual fragments, and to use a variety of tools for editing images. The program can be downloaded from the Internet and install yourself.

2. Screenshot Hot Key perfect for creating screenshots of fragments of computer games. By clicking the preset in the program hot keys, you can quickly capture the right moments that are saved in a special folder. The program does not require installation, and to work enough to download it.

There are many other ways to make a screenshot on the computer, but the above are the most simple and available to every PC user.