Digital technology is ingrained in our lives forever. To replace live communication for evening tea came social networks and forums. Sometimes a situation arises when your virtual companion you want to send the screen from your computer (screenshot).The easiest way to do a screenshot – press the button Print Screen on the keyboard. The computer will save the image that is currently displayed on the monitor. The will be saved in clipboard, where is temporarily copied information. From the clipboard , the screenshot can be transferred to any folder on your PC or other recording device. To do this, after you made a screenshot, open Paint program, which is located in "start menu" and marked with the paint brush and palette of colors. In the tab "edit" choose function "paste". From the clipboard forwarded to the workspace Paint.Also a screenshot ofs you can save through Photoshop. It is somewhat harder than using Paint, but gives its own advantages, for example, images can be edited. To save a screenshot using Photoshop, open the program, hit Print Screen on your keyboard and paste the file from clipboard.These methods of storing information are suitable for the operating system from Microsoft. However, not all prefer to work with her, are fans of the Linux operating system. To save the Linux, also press Print Screen and in the dialog that appears, select the path where you would like to save the file. The positive aspect of this system is that you don't forget to save your screenshot, and it will not disappear.Computers Apple screenshots to do the same just. To save a snapshot of the screen in Mac OS X, use the widget Screenshot Plus, it is easy for any user and can do all kinds of screenshots.