To take a screenshot in the future to find it on the computer, press the Print Screen (PrtSc) on the keyboard at the right time. Now the image is in the clipboard – the system's internal memory, but not yet as a finished file that can be viewed or edited. To complete this operation open the image editor Paint, and run the action Insert (Ctrl + V). Now the screenshot can be saved by selecting a folder on your hard drive.
Remember the name of the folder with saved images to find a screenshot on the computer. After you exit the image editor, make sure to go in and check for any file with the name you have assigned in the program.
If you are still experiencing difficulties with where to find screenshots on your computer, use system service search. Go to the search box in the start menu and type the name of the file in whole or in part of its name. If you don't remember the name, advanced settings, specify the appropriate options, such as date and time of the saved screenshot image format made by you when editing a label, etc. So you can quickly find the screenshot on your computer.
You can find out where the screenshots are stored on the computer in other ways. First, check the folder "Images" in the "Documents" which saves all the images. Second, try again to open Paint or another program that you have edited and saved the image. Click "File" and note the tab "Latest images" on the right. The topmost file is likely saved recently screenshot. Open it and save again, this time putting a convenient location on your computer where you will be able to go further.