In Windows operating system, the desktop can be done using built-in tools. Using the Print Screen button and a Paint program.
First locate the Print Screen key on your keyboard. Usually this is in the top row of buttons in the right part of the keyboard. Button inscription "Prt Sc SysRq" if it's the laptop keyboard or netbook, and "Print Screen SysRq" if it's a desktop keyboard.
Run the computer what you want to capture the screen. Hit "Print Screen". When pressed, there will be no visible changes, the system will not report a good picture. Clicking on this button nothing visible happens. The system simply copies the screen to the clipboard and keeps it there until you copy or take a picture of something else.
After pressing the "Print Screen", save the image from the clipboard to the hard disk of the computer. For this you can use any graphical editor. It is easiest to use the standard Paint that comes with the operating system on your computer. Go to "start" - "Programs" - "Accessories" - "Paint".
Before you open the graphics editor. You need to paste the image from clipboard. This can be done by pressing the "Ctrl+V" or in the program menu by pressing "edit" - "Paste". The screen appears in the work of the graphics editor.
After that, it will only save to the hard drive. Click "File" - "Save as". Set the image name, select the storage location and click "Save". After that, the image with a screenshot of the desktop will appear where you specified when saving. Optionally, the graphical editor can be added to the picture caption, or remove unnecessary parts of the image.