Advice 1: How to take a screenshot on a laptop

From time to time every computer user there is a need to capture the contents of screen of your laptop. This is done easily and quickly, and the result is the desired picture.
How to take a screenshot on a laptop
To make a screenshot of the screen of your laptop, you'll need to press only one key on the keyboard. The key is in the upper right corner of any keyboard, whether a laptop or a regular computer. In this key written a few not quite understand the letters PrtSc SysRq, and since you are interested in a screenshot of the screen, then you should know that PrtScr is the abbreviation of the English. Print screen, which means literally "Print screen".
How to take a screenshot on a laptop
Pressing PrtScr SysRq you place the screen contents to the clipboard of the operating system, and you'll just have to save it as a image file.
To do this, open any graphics editor – Paint, Photoshop, Microsoft Office picture Manager, Picasa etc. Create a new drawing by pressing Ctrl+N or selecting file – new and press Ctrl+V or from menu edit – paste). You will see how your screenshot will appear on the screen. Now you can cut desired part of the image or to save a screenshot like that. Press Shift+Ctrl+S or menu file – Save as (save as). Name your screenshot and save it as a photo in the desired place on your hard drive.

Advice 2: How to make a link to a screenshot

Many users at the moment are already aware of how to manually create screenshots, ie screenshots of your desktop and how to download them for the sake of reference picture. To automate this process when you need it most, it is recommended to use specialized programs.
How to make a link to a screenshot
You will need
  • Software Jet Screenshot.
If you still don't know how to create screenshots in a standard way, try pressing the PrintScreen button. Then run any graphic editor and in a new file perform the operation "Paste from clipboard". After saving image it can be uploaded to the server, for example, Radikal and get the link to this picture.
But in some cases requires the creation of more images of the desktop, rather than just one shot. The use of standard tools is considered to be an irrational activity, so use the possibilities of new programs. As an example, will be considered a utility, Jet Screenshot.
Firstly, you will need the installation files of programs that you can download from the official website. Click the link below and click Download Now. Since the program takes a little space, its download will go fast. The installation utility must be in normal mode, using the prompts of installation wizard.
After installing and running the program, its icon appears in the system tray, also called tray. Just right click on the icon to select the desired area of the screen. Once you release the left mouse button, all the rest of the space will be darkened, and the screen displays a small toolbar. Here you can choose tools edit image: add text, highlight the text, crop the image, etc.
After editing the screenshot, you must click the host an image online — the image is automatically saved, and you will receive a link to your screenshot. Highlight the link and copy it to the clipboard. Now you have a link to insert your image on any page of the website.

Advice 3: How to take a screenshot of your laptop screen

To capture the frame successfully passed the level of a computer game, an interesting video or just the desktop and share it with a friend is a snap. Enough to know how to take a screenshot of the screen of the laptop. It will take just 2-3 mouse clicks.
Make a screenshot of your own!
Notice on the top block of buttons on the keyboard. Here is the key that allows you to take a screenshot of the laptop screen. It's called “Print Screen” or the abbreviation “PrScr” and usually follows immediately after the function key F12.
Click the “Print Screen” at the right time. The finished screenshot will be copied to the computer's clipboard – a special internal memory area for temporarily copying information. Not to accidentally erase a screenshot, to temporarily refrain from copying different data.
Open a standard Microsoft Windows application for image editing called MS Paint. You can find it in the list of default programs in the start menu. In the upper pane, select the tab "edit" group and click "Paste". You can also use the key combination "CTRL + V". As a result, the screenshot of the laptop screen, which you have made will appear in the program as an image. Edit it as needed: increase or decrease in size, cut out unnecessary boundaries or parts, change the palette of colors, add your own notes, etc.
Save the screen by selecting the tab "File" function "Save as..." or by pressing "CTRL + S". Specify any image format and name it, then select the folder where it was placed, and click "Save". This way you will be able to do a screenshot on laptop unlimited number of times.
Paste the screenshot from the clipboard you can in any other graphical program for working with images: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Pixia etc. Remember that some of the spread in demo and after a certain number of days are starting to require the inclusion of funds for the purchase of the relevant application.
Useful advice
You can use one of the numerous programs that will help to make a screenshot of your laptop screen faster and easier, for example, FireShot, Joxi, Paint.Net etc. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that as soon as you press Print Screen, the screenshot will appear in the graphic editor or be saved to disk, thereby saving you from a few additional steps.

Advice 4: How to take a screenshot on a laptop: the screen

A screenshot is a screenshot. The picture, which shows everything that is displayed currently on the monitor. "Take a picture" so the laptop screen is quite simple.
How to take a screenshot on a laptop: the screen

Screenshots are often used to save information from a web page on your computer, as well as in cases of software failure: for subsequent calls to tech support, you may want to take a screenshot of the error that occurred. To create a screenshot you can do with operating system "Windows".

To make a screenshot of your laptop screen, you need to:

· Open the Windows and applications that you want to keep, arrange them in the correct order.

· Press Print Screen on the keyboard. Depending on the laptop model, this key may be in different places, but always closer to the top right corner of the keyboard. Typically, the button is her abbreviated name: "PrtSc" or "PrtScrn".

Clicking the button copies the image in the so-called clipboard – the place is the intermediate storage of any data. Now it needs to be moved from the buffer to the hard disk of the laptop. This will help any graphic editor, for example, "Adobe Photoshop" or "Picasa", it will suit even the standard Windows Paint application. To do this:

· Open a graphical program.

· Insert image from the clipboard into the document. Press the key combination "Ctrl+V" or open the menu and select "Paste".

· Save the resulting image by pressing the key combination "Ctrl+S" or selecting "Save" or "Save as" from the menu. In this first image you can edit: cut only the part or optimize the size to prepare for sending via the Internet.

In addition, you can take a screenshot of just the active window of any program. To do this, along with the key "PrtSc" press "Alt," and then save in a graphics editor, just like normal screenshot.

If you want to place the screenshot operate any application in a Microsoft Word document, enough after pressing the "PrtSc" to go to the document window and press "Ctrl+V" (or select the menu item "Paste" and the screenshot will be placed in the document. There you can adjust the image by changing the brightness, contrast, crop or scale the size.

For easy and quick creation of screenshots also created a special program, they not only can save image but also edit it and make a screenshot of such programs, which conventional means can not be removed, for example, with video player.

Advice 5: How to take a screenshot of your computer screen or laptop

To share with friends or colleagues what is happening on your computer screen, or contact technical support for clarification of the problem, or just capture the memory with another win in his favorite computer game, users often make so-called screenshot of the screen (from the English. – screenshot). In fact, a screenshot is an image of the picture on the screen. To make a screenshot in several ways.
How to take a screenshot of your computer screen or laptop


How to take a screenshot in Windows

Those who photographed the screen of your computer occasionally from time to time, to grab a screenshot use the Print Screen button or PrtScr, which is in the upper register of the keyboard. After pressing the Print Screen the screen image is automatically saved in the computer's memory, and retrieve it from there. You can use any program that works with images, such as utility Paint. To take a screenshot using this program is very simple:

- the screen at bottom left, locate the "start"button;

- in the list, go the following way: "All programs" - "Accessories" - "Paint";

- in the toolbar in Paint select "edit" - "Paste", you can also use the "Insert"button.

In just a few clicks and a picture of the finished screen. It should now save as file: "File - Save as - OK. To take a screenshot this way in any version of Windows.

How to take a screenshot in Windows Vista or Windows 7

Windows Vista or Windows 7 include a special utility "Scissors", which helps to make, save and edit a screenshot. To open it, click "start" and go towards "Programs" - "Accessories" - "Scissors" or "Shipping Tool". Appears on the screen of the active window and the cursor changes from "arrow" on the "plus" sign. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, swipe it to the contours with the cursor, hold the left mouse button if you want to photograph a small fragment of his circle. Releasing the mouse button, you will see that the cut and moved into the program window, we can only save it to the computer in the standard way: File - "Save as..".

Free program for creating screenshots

Special programs not only help to make a screenshot, but edit it to make necessary changes. Thus the user's convenience lies in the fact that most of these utilities do not require installation. For example, the program Screeshot Maker allows you to make screenshots of your entire screen or part of a photo fast, has many features that you can adjust the quality and save the screenshot in different formats. The program can be downloaded from the Internet, save it to your computer or flash drive and, if necessary, just to open it for screenshots.

Floomby – a very handy utility for active users of the Internet that create screenshots in order to upload them to social networks, blogs and forums. A screenshot made with the help of this program, not stored in the memory of your computer, and instantly "gets" the Internet, after that you can place it as a snapshot and link to it in blog, forum or social network.

Screenshot Hot Key is the favorite and popular program for creating screenshots from fans of computer games. It should not be installed, but in order to take a screenshot, you need only press a single key, which you assign yourself. The snapshot is saved in the computer in a subfolder pic. In the same folder as the program itself.

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