Symptoms and causes of pain in testicles

The pain may be cutting, and dull or blunt. In some cases, there is unbearable and sharp or pulling. Feelings can become more acute if the testicles to push.

Also in the scrotum temperature can increase to be feeling the heat. While hyperthermia of the body, as a rule, is not observed.

In addition to the symptoms of pain in the testicles can be attributed to the change in their shape, hardening of the scrotum, increased venous. Often in men, vomiting and nausea.

Causes of pain in the testicles quite a lot, for example, mechanical damage. Sensations can be so severe that the possible loss of consciousness and bleeding.

Epididymitis can also cause pain in the testicles. It is an inflammation of the epididymis caused by bacteria. The feeling is not very sharp, only the affected areas become more sensitive.

If there is torsion of the cords, at the end of the appendage, it causes severe sudden pain in one of testicles. This phenomenon has nothing to do with physical activity, increases the risk of hypothermia, causes contraction of the blood vessels.

If orchitis appears, aching pain in the testicles, they are red and inflamed. This disease is quite rare, most often it occurs as a complication of rubella or mumps. In some cases, the disease leads to infertility.

If the pain in the testicles pulling, it is possible that it is caused by long-term abstinence. When a man is unable to have sex, they harden and swell. Such a phenomenon is not dangerous. It occurs during sexual arousal and after sexual contact, or Masturbation disappears completely.

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the testicles

Prolonged pain in the testicles, which is not related to sex life, you need to ask for help to the urologist. The doctor to determine the cause of the variance, may prescribe the analysis of urine, blood and semen, scrotal ultrasound, biopsy, magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment of pain is based on detection of the disease. Before visit to the doctor should not take pain medicine because it can complicate the diagnosis. After diagnosis the doctor he will prescribe the necessary drugs.

Pain in the testicles is quite a significant and dangerous symptom of certain diseases. If time does not resort to the help of experts, you can be all sorts of complications, such as impotence or infertility.