Very often causes painful symptoms in the right testicle are infectious-inflammatory diseases of the testicle, surgery, inguinal hernia, various infections (chlamydia, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma), trauma and tumor of the right testicle, varicocele, chronic prostatitis, torsion of the testis, hydrocele, inguinal hernia, spermatocele. As a rule, the disease is quite easily diagnosed and treated.

Very often pain in the right testicle appears as a result of acute trauma to the scrotum. Pathology compromising the integrity of the testes itself appears fairly rare. However, even a normal blow to the testicles can cause loss of consciousness. It is necessary to consider that with the emergence of excruciating and unexpected pain should immediately seek medical help in order to avoid the development of complications such as infertility and loss of the testicle.

Usually intolerable pain in the right testicle occurs because of torsion. The fact that the egg is on spermatic cord, containing the VAS deferens together as well as blood vessels. Sometimes it happens that it changes its position, while perekrashivat around the longitudinal axis. As a result, this leads to a twist of the spermatic cord directly to the 360 degree, there is a squeezing of the VAS deferens, the blood circulation of the testicle.

Excruciating pain in the right testicle may be present with inflammation of the epididymis of the right testicle. Often, this is facilitated by bacteria (chlamydia, gonorrhea) that cause also the development of urethritis. As a rule, inflammation of the epididymis occurs mainly on one side only. This disease is characterized by a gradual increase of painful sensations. In addition, a man can note other signs of an infection of the urinary system: the spontaneous emptying of the bladder, fever and burning sensation in the channel.

Pain in right testicle could be the result of kidney stones, as well as the presence of cysts and tumors of the kidneys.

In addition, quite a common cause of pain in the right testicle is sexual frustration. This is because when sexual excitation occurs, blood accumulation not only in member but also in the right testicle. Due to prolonged abstinence from ejaculation swollen testicles able to hurt. However, these painful feelings are able to pass in a few hours.

What is diagnosis of diseases of the testicles

Generally, diagnosis includes the following study patients: implementation of a General examination, collection of complaints of the patient, palpation of the scrotum; MRI; blood test, semen, urine, smears from the urethra; ultrasound examination of the scrotum; puncture and biopsy with obligatory study of the tissues. In addition, to identify the cyst of the epididymis is diaphanoscopy, which is the translucence of the tissue of the scrotum light.

Preventive and curative treatment of diseases of the testicles

In case of inflammatory diseases of the epididymis (orchitis) treatment is conservative. With this diagnosis it is recommended that the appointment of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. When the disease hydrocele (hydrocele) is shown at rest and the use of a jockstrap. In addition, a large accumulation of fluid is removed with a special procedure – the puncture, and then introduced sklerosiruuschem funds. Treatment of malignant tumours is by surgery. In addition, mandatory assigned chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

For the prevention of many diseases should adhere to the following rules: to avoid trauma to the scrotum; a healthy lifestyle; to use a condom during sexual contact, protect against infection; minimize lifting weights.