You will need
  • - thin, fluid knit;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • - tailor's meter.
When choosing fabric for evening dresses without a pattern should be guided by the following considerations. You need the segment whose width is greater than the poluobhvat hips. The wider the cut, the more beautiful folds, and therefore more luxuriously will look dress. Need to buy a 2 piece the length of the article, adding a few centimetres to process hem and the waistband.
Lay the piece wrong side up. Find the middle of edges and connect them with a line. This is the line of the shoulders. To find a place for the neck, divide this line in half. From of the mark aside right and left is equal to the distance of 10-12 cm and make the cut. From this point make an incision parallel to the edges. Its length depends on the style of dress, meaning it can be short and almost to the waist. From evening dresses the cut can be the front and the back, the second option looks even more impressive. Treat the cuts with overlock.
Pleats evening dresses formed directly into the shape, so at this stage you will probably need an assistant. It all depends on your dress pleats or Assembly. If the Assembly, lay on the shoulders basting stitch. Try on the dress, forming assemblies that must be positioned symmetrically. Secure them with stitching. As for the folds, then it is better to first shear pins to zastrochit, and then pull the pin. After this it remains only to sew the side seams, handle the bottom, and sew the waistband.
Pleats can be laid in several rows – in shoulder seams, lines the bust and waist. First make the shoulder seams, as indicated in the previous step. Then lay and how the folds on the chest, astrocyte them. The last stage is the pleats on the waist line. Evening dress can be asymmetric. In this case, the Assembly or the folds stacked in any direction. But this method is not very suitable for beginners, because dress may be skewed.
The original evening dress can be made of four two large silk scarves. One is a skirt. It's enough to make a scarf in the ring and pritchet to one of the long sides of the belt-band, just-in-tone fabric. The second scarf is draped around the torso, and different variants are possible. For example, such. One short side of the scarf baste or pin to the belt from the alleged right of the side seam to the middle front. Swipe the scarf up, then around the neck. Sew the other end to the belt from the middle to the left side. Where the scarf comes to head, lay a large place and place Assembly. Stitch the halves of the front from the waist to about the chest. The outer edge can be sewn and thread elastic to the bodice tightly covered figure.