Features of an organism of the newborn

The body of a newborn baby is fully formed, however, some processes begin only after the age of three. A vivid example in this case are the lacrimal gland. In the first month of life in the lacrimal canal forms a minimal amount of liquid, which is only enough to moisturize the eyes. That's why infant toddler no tears flowing down the cheeks while crying. Sometimes the child may feel fluid, but to explain the reason for your discomfort it is very difficult. The baby starts to loudly inform parents about the problem, notice which is almost impossible.

Real tears appear in children aged from one to three months. During this period to undertake special measures or seek help from a doctor is not necessary. While crying try to give baby maximum support and comfort him mentally.
If you notice that the tears of the child appear without crying, be sure to consult a specialist. This may indicate a problem with the lacrimal channels.

The fetus is in the womb, the nose and the area of conjunctival cavities separated by a specific mucous plug. By the time of birth, a thin protective film begins to dissolve, and during the first months of life disappears completely. Only then tear glands begin to function normally.

The mucous film is the so-called obstacle to of tears, she misses only the minimum amount of liquid. Typically, the film resolves in the first weeks of life, but there are cases when this happens a little later.

Reasons for concern

If the child is older than three months, and tears when crying and does not appear, then leave this situation unattended not worth it. The reason for this condition may be a blockage of the tear ducts. To the mucous film is resorbed, it is necessary to take some measures.
If, after crying of the child for a long time retained the redness of the corners of the eyes, then it may be a sign of infection. The baby in this case it is necessary to show specialist.

Please note that the absence of tears when crying should not be considered a disease. Only in rare cases a blockage of the tear ducts may be accompanied by redness of the eyelids or pus in the corners of his eyes. Experts for getting rid of this problem prescribe treatment with special solutions for cleaning ducts.

If the lack of tears is not accompanied by visible complications, as preventive measures, you can use a regular baby wash with chamomile extract and gentle massage of the eyelids. In the first months of life cry of the child should be given special attention. Sometimes blocked tear ducts can appear much later.

Known cases, when the mucous film formed closer to six months. If chamomile tea and massage the eyelids do not bring the desired result, be sure to show the baby to a specialist. You may need a special treatment. Don't forget that your carelessness may lead to serious consequences for the health of the child.