Advice 1: How to build a shed

If the shed was considered to be a mobile, temporary structure, today with proper arrangement, it can become a room for guests, a place of relaxation, a summer kitchen, a garden cabin, a shower or just a removable housing.
How to build a shed

The finishes of the cabins

Country cabins is the cheapest option arranging temporary housing. During the construction of the main house the appointment of the cabins can be changed, by establishing it under the utility room.

Due to the small size of the cabins of its finishing can be carried out independently. The first step is to calculate the necessary amount of materials, purchase them and prepare the tools. The most economical and practical for today are:
- wooden or plastic siding;
- siding;
- PVC panels.

The process of resettlement of huts

So, depending on the type of cabins, starts its arrangement. If it is a wooden shed, you have to first perform the installation of Windows, doors and interior partitions. The metal cabins are able to withstand heavy construction: cabinets, niches, wooden walls. Mini housing need, provide water and electricity. This should be taken care at the stage of design. All communications you can hide under the veneer.

Interior decoration starts with a thermal insulation of the cabins like on the outside, and inside. It is worth to consider this finish as the lining. Thanks to special grooves, ensures excellent ventilation and moisture removal from the premises. Also the decoration of the huts often use plastic linings. The walls, lined with plastic panels, is very easy to clean. The floor of the shed can be covered with linoleum: simple, clean and beautiful. Also not ruled out the option of laying ceramic tiles or laminated parquet.

The walls in the cabins have to be multi-layered. Between each layer should be laid mineral wool or other insulation with a minimum thickness of 50 mm. the ceilings in the cabins can be finished with hardboard. They are fixed directly to the rafters. When building a roof it is more practical to use sheets of zinc. As a waterproofing material for the Foundation and the roofs of the cabins used roofing or roofing material of the cushioning.

The shed can be finished shutters, metal door. The interior lighting of the cabins depends on the functional characteristics of mobile homes. Despite its small size, it is better if the arrangement of the huts will be engaged professionals. Insulation, lighting, zoning, water supply is a complex of measures, which is advantageous to entrust the construction companies.

Advice 2: How to equip a suburban area

You have bought a plot of land or has entered into a partnership country, and now want to place your future stay as comfortable as possible? This is a very pleasant and interesting. At the same time to build a site very quickly if you act according to the prearranged plan.
The construction site begin with construction of the house
Determine what you think the plot. As a rule, the purpose of use of a particular territory is stipulated in the documents of the partnership. There are and methods of use. Land for vegetable gardens is not transferred to property, gardeners pay rent and can't do on his land to build anything except barracks and sheds for tools. In the garden you can put a small house. In the country can stand on capital house in which to live permanently. Among other things, in suburban partnerships are allowed to register.
The newly created partnership, all of the preliminary work, the cottagers performed and financed together. It may be that you need money for the construction of roads, construction of power lines, water, gas and more. In order to root out the stumps, too, preferred to work together to hire any firm. In older societies, as a rule, everything is already done.
The resettlement site, where you will be staying all summer, or even to live permanently, start with the planning and construction of the house. If you can't start building now, determine where to build. You can put there a temporary house made of plywood or paper. As a temporary shelter suitable construction shed, and bargain shopping kiosk. This outhouse will be suitable for a vegetable garden. It is quite possible to store the inventory and even to put a table and chair.
Don't forget that during the construction period, you will need a small warehouse for the materials. It should be located close to the future home, but don't spoil the view. In future, it can be used as a barn.
Plan lawns. You will sow them later, but at this stage, just determine where they will be. Decide how are you going to support them. You can remove the old layer of soil along with turf, to put the fertile land and seed. You can just regularly mow the grass that is already there. It all depends on the plants.
Think about where you will take the water. Best of all, if the water carried directly into the plot. This is especially important if you will be in the country for a long time. At first, you can do a shared well or even just the barrel. On a large plot, you can make a small pond or pool. Not only will this beautify the area, but will also create good conditions for plants.
Decide where you will plant. On a country site can be a garden, and vegetable garden. Every summer people want to get fruits from your garden. So plant bushes and trees as soon as uprooted stumps and will be able to prepare the soil. Remember, however, that seedlings planted in spring or autumn, at other times they do not take root or will not root at all.
Find a place in the garden. The beds and paths can be planned immediately. To plant something that will grow there, it is also possible in the first year of the existence of your house. Some of the plants will have time to give a harvest even if you plant the garden in mid-summer. And your first harvest you will receive it from the garden.
Before starting any work, read the documents of the partnership. From the status of the territory will depend on what work can be carried out on the site.
Useful advice
Prior to the start of field work make a plan of the site and divide it into zones. Must be recreation. The garden should be placed in a convenient for you and for the plants. In the country there may be a workshop, and garage.

If the toilet and sink is not provided directly in the house, select a place for them. Toilet build in advance of all other works. Hang a temporary sink. In the future, in the country you can build a small bathhouse, but it is also necessary to allocate a place in advance.

The garden is not recommended to move, so the space under the beds highlight once and for all.
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