Choose the right spot for the garden. It should be well lit, not to be in the draft. Then the bed is better and warms up faster in spring and the crop will ripen early. It is better to Orient the bed East to West. Its length can be any width but no more than five feet. In this case, in the garden, it will be convenient to work with.
How to make <strong>patch</strong>
In that place where will be located the bed, remove the top layer of the earth. At the bottom of the beds lay the wire mesh, it will protect vegetables from rodents. Make the sides of the beds - they can be built from slate, cement-bonded particle Board or brick. The brick should be laid on the edge, then it will take just 3-4 layers. If you make the bumpers out of wood, it is necessary to lay inside a durable polyethylene: not rotten. To avoid enlargement sides, it should pull them in several places with a wire.
How to make <strong>patch</strong>
Complete the "basket" of different plant residues. Fit sawdust, leaves, twigs, grass or bark... you Can put thin cardboard, food waste, - all that rots. Then carefully pour the water the resulting mass. On top sprinkle a thick layer of fertile soil and rotted compost - about 30 cm or more. Our beds ready.
How to make <strong>patch</strong>