Decide with the look of your mini-mansion, his estimated square footage and dimensions. Consider where it will be in each room, shall describe the square footage of each of them. Remember that the shed should not be in-line transitions, the structure itself does not imply the presence of those in this building, as they are completely not functional, but take away enough of your personal space.
Plan the load-bearing walls and define with the end material, so that the tree now is not the only material used for the construction of small structures such as cabins.
How to build <strong>shed</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Go to the store for the purchase of needed materials. Ask for advice the seller of the hardware store and figure out what is best for you to use. If you make "classic" shed, you will need: sticks, boards of different diameter, plastic film, vapor barrier or other insulation, mineral wool and mounting hardware. The amount of building materials that you will require depends on the size and design that you choose.
Begin construction with external frame. Assemble the main box is to make eighty percent of the work. So start from this point and then engage the internal rasplanirovke. Don't skimp on the insulation if you are going to be in the cabins in spring or autumn. Your comfort is obviously one of those things, for which no pity to give money.
How to build <strong>shed</strong> your <b>hands</b>