Auto tents are appreciated for functionality, quality, comfort and convenience of design. All you need is to understand the principle of the Assembly, and it is quite simple, allowing automatic tent even in the rain and in the dark easy-going one, even absolutely unprepared person.
Build tents in her top. The inner tent, canopy and frame – all together form a coherent whole. Installation of automatic tents is made immediately with all elements. Lift the Central hub. You see that it records all the existing arcs. Now consistently snap on each of them locks with clamps.
Next, fasten the zipper of the inner tent floor. That's all – the tent is assembled. Frame to the outer tent attached to the inside. The secret lies in the mechanism of the fixation of arcs and fasteners, which together with a tent is one, besides the inner tent is also fixed to the awning. Consequently, assembling the frame, you automatically collect the very tent.
Folding duralumin frame enables quick setup of tent, however, and its rapid disassembly. The mechanism of folding in the umbrella. Disassembled, i.e. the transport position and the inner fabric layer and outer tent remain strapped to the frame. If you are Hiking in hot summer season, then Unclip the inner layer, there is no need to take it with you. Now you can enjoy automatic tent as a single layer. By the way, she weighs in this case much easier. At the top of the tent there is a vent for ventilation. Lay take a thing on the existing pockets on the walls. After the bed, gathered to continue the path fold the tent as well as collected, only in reverse order and put it into a case. For portable automatic tents are placed in cases with a length of 1.5 m and a diameter of 30-35 cm