Raven is very careful and clever bird. From other members of the family Corvidae in larger sizes. A wingspan of up to 120-150 cm, the Plumage is shiny black with a blue sheen, and the beak is massive. Everywhere, with the exception of North America and North Africa. It is found, however, quite rare. And rarely in the cities. As pet contains much more than the other members of the family Corvidae.
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Chicks take at the age of 2-3 months. A baby bird is difficult to tame. Adult birds, with rare exceptions, I don't get it at all. The first 1-2 months you have to stay with the crow almost all the time. In the diet of Chicks consists of cereal, cottage cheese, shredded carrots, baby food with no preservatives, beef. You must include calcium. Feed the Chicks every hour and a half. It is periodically necessary to make the crow into the street. Use a basket or box. Make sure that the bird does not overheat.
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Raven – a large bird, and to maintain normal cell will not work. It is necessary to equip the enclosure with size not less than 2x2 m. Inside the enclosure, place a few perches–perches or strengthen a tree with sturdy branches that the bird was convenient for them to sit. Cover the cage floors with linoleum or make a metal pallet. Fill it with sawdust.
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The ravens like to bathe. Give him the opportunity, otherwise he will try to bathe in the Cup. Daily or at least every other day, put in the cage a bowl of water. After bathing, the basin clean.
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Ravens are active. Carefully secure the feeder and drinking bowl, otherwise it will constantly flip them. Provide your pet toys. For this purpose you can use any objects of small dimensions, preferably shiny. If crow is nothing else to do, he will find himself entertainment. Most likely, it will spoil everything what can reach.
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Spare socializing with the bird for at least 2-3 hours a day, talk to Raven, he is able to reproduce human speech. A daily walk, let's fly. For this you need to get him out of the city. Tamed bird returns at the call of the master. Not tamed and untrained bird you can not let go. She can leave, get lost and die. To teach a crow at the technique of training birds of prey.
The main diet of adult birds is meat: beef, boiled chicken, chicken neck and head, rabbit meat, mice, day-old Chicks. It is necessary to give buckwheat, and also oatmeal, cottage cheese, berries, apples, eggs, carrots. Do not give sweets, fatty foods, rye bread, potatoes, citrus. Products should not be salted.