You will need
  • - gas key
  • - turn the screw
  • - protective gloves
Determine reasons for system gascontrol continually shuts off the gas supply to the burners or the oven of the kitchen stove. Practice shows that one of the most common reasons is improper use. The principle of operation of the gas control based on heating of the temperature sensor. If before a certain time to release the knob the gas supply, the control system of a gas leak, it will shut off. In this case, you must withstand 2-5 seconds, as specified in the technical documentation of the manufacturer.
If the reason is insufficient gas pressure in the Central tube, it will take up operations in the gas distribution substation. It is a licensed kind of activity, which involved representatives of gas services. For checking and adjusting must apply to the local office gorgaza.
Before you call the representative of a city service gas, check the tap on the gas pipe. He may not be fully open, which leads to the cessation of supply of fuel to the burner. In this case, eliminate the cause, simply set the tap to the normal position. To regulate the flow of gas to equipment, you need a trimmer screw.
To turn off the gas-control entitled only to workers with appropriate tolerances. In this case, always check that the specialist who did the work, I had an entry in the owner manual for gas appliances, putting the date, the nature of the work undertaken and the name of the specialist.
To adjust the system gas-control independently. To do this, remove the bottom panel of the oven of the gas stove and locate the sensor gas control. In its form it resembles a round capsule on the end of the metal tube. Look closely at the position of the thermocouple: with the flame it should barely touch. If the sensor position is shifted, it is necessary to adjust the gas key or screws – depending on model plate.