You will need
  • 1.2 m of fabric;
  • - interlining;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - iron.
To sew a sheath dress that would sit perfectly on your figure, you need to build pattern-based in accordance with your standards. And properly measured your parameters, depends on its accuracy.
Choose a suitable material for making dresses. For sewing any dress fabric holds its shape well. A strict version of office can be made from wool or suiting, summer model, made of linen, an outfit for a special occasion — from Lacy linen. For sewing you will need a cutting width of 150 cm and a length equal to one length plus 10 cm for allowances.
Cutting the cloth. Fold it twice in half and attach the pattern, trace the pattern and cut out details, leaving 1.5 cm for allowances on all slices. Further, it is necessary as accurately as possible to move the line of Darts and seams on the same part. To do this, fold the pattern wrong side to each other, just combining all the slices and tap on the surface with the palm, the chalk line should be stamped on the second part.
Remove all the Darts, side and shoulder seams and draw the first fitting. Make the necessary adjustments. To make it easier to clarify the seam lines and Darts, put your dress on wrong side. Sweeps to the refined lines and do a second fitting. Sheath dress should sit on the figure perfectly, so try to achieve the best result.
Once adjusted all the seams, you can proceed directly to making. Will astrocyte all the Darts, starting from the widest part. Zautyuzhte them down.
Then sew shoulder and side seams and finish them on the serger. If this tool you do not, then you can handle the slices with lines "zig-zag" on a regular sewing machine.
Neck and sleeveless finish with a facing. Details duplicate interlining. The lower part of the piping overlain sew seam. Attach to the front of the unit and sew. In areas round the neck and arm openings nadsekite allowance to seam. Remove the piping on the wrong side and press carefully. Hem them manually hidden seam.
Try on dress again to clarify his length. The cut of the hem process on the serger. Unscrew on the wrong side of 3-4 cm and priutyuzhte the Hem hidden hem stitch.