What happens to our savings and how it can be multiplied

The NCH pension funds are formed from contributions of employers. For every citizen open a personal retirement account where savings are stored. Without our participation the money to invest in the stock market. Unfortunately, they cannot be deleted, but to multiply and get income with this money - you can. To do this, citizens need to make a choice:
- translate in non-state accumulative pension Fund. In this case, the NCH payment of pensions is carried out selected non-PF;
- to change the non-PF;
- NCH pensions and stored in a private management company;
- leave everything as is and store NCH pension in the Pension Fund of Russia in the selected investment portfolio (only two of the portfolio).

To select non-PF or the management company on the official website of the Pension Fund. About made the choice you need to notify the Pension Fund in the form of statements until 31 December of the current year.

How to obtain cumulative part of the pension?

There is the question regardless of the selected placements. There are three options: lump sum single payment, fixed-term and pay only the funded part.

Lump sum payment

This method of receiving the NCH pension is provided for people with a small funded part in and is considered the most popular. A one-time payment given to holders of funded pension less than 5% of the labor, when the pension age.

Urgent payment

In accordance with the terms of this mechanism LF is divided into pieces of equal size and is paid within a determined period of not more than ten years. This program involves the categories of people who participated in the state program of pension co-financing and direct maternal certificate for NCH pension.

Payment of the funded part of

Familiar to many the options for obtaining low cut pensions is this way. Here NCH is transferred to pensioners with monthly pension. This method is related to the most common.

Accumulation of non-PF or private management company will be transferred to the pensioner in accordance with the terms of the executed contract.

So, to sum up on the above. First, future pension you happy, you must choose non-PF or a private management company, to contract and increase funds every year. Secondly, to remove the cumulative part of the pension will be possible only at retirement age. Therefore, you should take control of their future pension in their hands.