You will need
  • - choose the pension Fund;
  • - to write the application (sign the agreement);
  • - to present your documents.
Select the NPF. To choose a reliable organization, you should carefully study all information. First and foremost, pay attention to the following:

- how long has the pension Fund appeared on the market;
- as far as its founder is known, stable and reliable;
- how many service contracts already concluded NPF (the more — the better);
- there is already a Fund of experience in pensions or not, and to what extent these payments are calculated;
- what is the volume of the pension reserves of the Fund (preferably not less than 500 million rubles) and increase.
Compare between the amounts on the last two items listed above. If the volume of pension payments made by the organization, more than 1/5 of the volume of pension reserves, to transfer their pensions in such a Fund is dangerous — it can be a pyramid scheme. If the organization did not provide such information, it especially should not be trusted. The current list of NPF you can find on the website of the Pension Fund of Russia and its regional offices.
Refine, conclude whether your chosen NPF the agreement on mutual certification of signatures with the Pension Fund of Russia. If concluded, take your passport, pension insurance certificate (some organizations also require the presentation was) and personally contact the mission of your chosen pension Fund, there to sign the contract on obligatory pension insurance. It, wait for reports of the Fund from April next year your retirement will dispose of it.
Contact a regional office of the Pension Fund of Russia, there to write a statement about the transition in SPC regardless of, conclude your chosen organization agreement on certification of signatures with the Pension Fund of Russia or not. To yourself you must have a passport and a pension insurance certificate. Application form and instructions for completing it can be downloaded from the website of the Pension Fund of Russia.
Send a statement about the transition in chosen NPF to the Pension Fund of Russia by mail or courier if you are unable to visit a regional office in person. In this case, you will need to pre-certify the authenticity of your signature under the statement by a notary, or other person having such authority: the head physician of the hospital where you are treated, the commander in/h in which you serve, etc. – see section 3 of article 185 of the civil code.