You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of state pension insurance;
  • - information about the offers of non-state pension funds on the Internet and the media;
  • phone and/or Internet access to communicate with the funds.
The choice of private pension funds on the Russian market is already high. They are at many banks, financial corporations, there are many completely independent. Along with higher returns on pension savings (i.e. likely to obtain in the future a higher pension) they can offer different additional bonuses. For example, free life insurance and health of the client.
If you decide to transfer your money in one of these companies, carefully review their proposals: information on the Internet on the websites of the funds and independent sources, advertising and analytical information in mass media, contact with representatives of different foundations and ask all the questions you have when monitoring their offers.
After making your selection, contact the most interested of the Fund, will notify about its decision and agree on further cooperation. Most likely you will have to visit the Fund office to sign the necessary papers. In some cases we can travel to your area representative of the Fund. If your area of mission interest of the Fund, it is possible that to engage with him in relationship you can, exchanging documents by mail. Along with provided by the Foundation documents you need to provide copies of passport and certificate of state pension insurance, maybe, and other documents upon request of the Fund.
Agreeing on further cooperation, act on the instructions you receive from the Fund. You will be required to write the application on transfer of accumulative part of their pensions to the Fund, to enter into a contract with him and maybe sign some other papers.
As when signing any document, read it carefully before signing, ask the representatives of the Fund to explain in details all the points that you do not understand. Upon completion of the formalities, all the worries associated with the transfer of your pension money in Fund management, will take over the Fund.