You will need
  • - the contract on obligatory pension insurance,
  • - a statement about the transition from the state pension Fund in the pension Fund,
  • - assignment of the insured person.
The contract on obligatory pension insurance is in order to regulate the relations between insured and non-state pension Fund. Concluding this agreement, reglementary the transfer of funds of the funded part of pension in private pension Fund. Its action occurs on the day of the transfer of a pension on account of the insurer, that is, non-state pension Fund, the period of validity of the contract of compulsory pension insurance of indefinite duration.
In the form of the contract indicate the insurance number, the personal data of the insured person, place and date of birth, gender. Form of contract approved by the legislation of the Russian Federation and not subject to additions and changes. For the insured person is only one contract of compulsory pension insurance, which is valid at the moment. The contract is made in three copies, one retained by the non-state pension Fund, the second is transferred to the state pension Fund, and the third remains with the insured.
Highlights of the contract include information about the duties of the insurer towards the insured person. Such moments is the designation conditions and the terms of issue of cumulative part of the pension when the pension entitlement, notice of the amount and results of investment funds, as well as in cases stipulated in the agreement, carrying out payments to assignees of the insured person.
You must then submit an application to transfer the cumulative part of the pension from the state pension Fund in the pension Fund, on the basis of this document notify the state pension Fund of the intention to change the form of the pension Fund. There is the opportunity to apply or to instruct the transfer of the transfer agent. In this case, the transfer agent acts non-state pension Fund, which has the authority to make and transmit a statement in electronic or other form of agreement with the state pension Fund.
Such a document as the assignment of the insured person certifies the non-state pension Fund to assure the authenticity of the signature on the statement in the transition from the state pension Fund.