Advice 1: How to get out of non-state pension Fund

After the pension reform in 2002, the Russians were able to dispose of the cumulative part of their pension and transfer it to private pension funds. But a citizen dissatisfied with your Fund, you may reallocate your accumulation differently.
How to get out of non-state pension Fund
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of pension insurance.
Find out what Fund your pension. This can be done in two ways. If you still have a contract with the company, gather information from there. In its absence, your Fund can be found in the letter which annually sends the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR) on your behalf.
Consider where you want to transfer your savings. You can go back to the pension Fund or choose a new non-state Fund. If you choose the first option keep in mind that his average yield is below the inflation rate, i.e. the probability does not increase and decrease your savings. As a compromise, we can consider the allocation of funds to the pension Fund, but under the guidance of a private management company. This will give you a chance to at least to save his future retirement from inflation is sufficiently high for the ruble.
Please contact the pension Fund to which you decide to hand over their money. You need to have a passport and a card of pension insurance. Fill in the form, in which you'll have to specify the surname, name and patronymic, passport number and pension certificate number, address of registration and residence, and phone numbers. This information is needed for emergency communication with you in case of any errors that occur in the documents. After filling in the information, sign a contract with the pension Fund, and a Declaration and an order for the transfer of your funds. One of the copies of the agreement employees of the Fund have to give you.
Wait for departure your money in the new Fund. In the old you do not need to apply - the contract will be terminated automatically. The transfer of funds usually takes place after 1 January of the following year, and you get the information about it in the form of a letter from FIU. If the email did not come, call your Fund and ask whether there was an executed contract for the transfer of funds.

Advice 2: How to translate their retirement savings

All Russian citizens born after 1967 have the right to dispose of the funded part of their pension. What you need to do to transfer it from the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) into non-state pension Fund (NPF) or a management company (UK)?
How to translate their retirement savings
You will need
  • -passport;
  • -SNILS;
  • -application form to transfer the cumulative part of the pension.
To transfer the cumulative part of the pension it is necessary to choose NPF or the criminal code, which (or who) will manage it. Investment portfolios and those of other financial institutions comparable in composition and yield. Still, no harm will be familiar with the profitability of previous years, which showed your chosen managers. It is important that it be stable and overtook inflation.
After the preparations required before 31 December of the current year come into the Fund office with your passport and SNILS. Next, transfer your cumulative part of the pension from the PFR will take the employee NPF
If the choice fell on the UK, also until 31 December of the current year, you must fill out an application to transfer the funded part of pension from PFR. Usually the form of that statement annually to all drops in the mailbox together with a letter from the Pension Fund of Russia on the accumulated amount . If your Inbox, for example, revealed thieves or bullies and you did not find Blanca, you can get it from any district office of the FIU. The statement must specify the name of the management company that you trust your pension, and it was. Further, the statement should bring to the local pension Fund branch or send it there by mail with a notarized signature of the sender.
After receiving the statements of the RPF itself will transfer the cumulative part of the pension to the new Manager. However, after a year you'll have another statement to confirm your choice UK or NPF, or write an application to transfer pension savings to another Manager. If future retirees a year later, "silent", funded part of the pension will come back to FIU.
State management company has shown very low yield, which barely covers inflation, so it is better to translate the funded part of pension from PFR in NPF and UK.
Useful advice
Cumulative part of the pension can be transferred from the criminal code in the criminal code of the NPF in the NPF, from NPF to UK and back.

Several UK or NPF pension transfer you should choose one Manager.

An application to transfer the funded part of the funds from the PFR must be submitted annually.

Advice 3: How to find your pension Fund at

In each area of each subject of the Russian Federation (Republic, territory or region) a territorial office of the Pension Fund of Russia. Information about contact phones and address of offices can be found on the website of the FIU.
How to find your pension Fund at
Go to the official website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Under the symbols in the upper left menu, you will see a menu, click on the first item "Pension Fund". You will see a submenu, select last line "Branches PFR".
Select Federal district in which located your area or country. You will see a list of departments of each subject of the Russian Federation for the relevant district. Click on the desired area.
Please note on the left side of the opened page. Menu, located in the orange rectangle click the "secession". Then under the row submenu will appear, you need his fourth point "Contact and schedule management." Click on it.
Read the information that appeared in the main part of the page. It lists the branch of the Pension Fund of Russia in the region. Click on your desired area, and you will see the management address, phone numbers, hours and email address.
Use the interactive map link to which is located in the upper right corner of the home page. On the map, move the cursor to the schematic representation of the regional centers of the Russian Federation, this will popup a window indicating the name of the branch of the RPF, for example, "pension Fund Branch in the Kirov region". Then reproduce the steps described in step 3.
Find out information about the management of the Pension Fund of your city by telephone to the territorial offices (national, regional or provincial). On the home page click on the last line of the menu "Contacts" in the orange rectangle. Note the bold dark green words "contact phones of territorial departments of the pension Fund for citizens 'appeals", click on the link, select district, and a subject of the Federation.

Advice 4: Where to complain on the pension Fund

The pension Fund of Russia serves a huge number of people, therefore sometimes allow inaccuracies in the work. Upon discovering any error, for example, when calculating pensions, you have full right to send to the FIU of your complaint.
Where to complain on the pension Fund
You will need
  • - the complaint in writing;
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of pension insurance.
In the case of incorrect or improper execution of duties by employees or that the Pension Fund office, you may complain to the head customer service. However, the management of the institution is not always in contact with each of the citizens, so if your complaint was left without attention, contact the management of the FIU in your locality. It is best to make an appointment to see the head, bypassing customer service. Find out in advance which days and hours of reception of citizens and call the number to record.
More important questions and claims you can try to solve by turning to higher regional management of the pension Fund. Make a complaint in writing and send to the address management to the head of the Department of FIU. Be sure to provide your personal and contact details for feedback and the number of pension insurance certificate, to speed up the process of your application.
If FIU wrongfully refuses to pay pensions or infringes your rights and freedoms you can contact the Prosecutor's office. To file a complaint in writing, detailing your personal information and the essence of the conflict. Attach all materials that can serve as evidence of infringement of your rights, such as receipts, receipts, statements, etc., the Prosecutor's office will review the submitted complaint within 30 days and notify you of its decision.
Periodically there is a situation when the FIU unlawful charges a penalty fee for legal entities and private entrepreneur. Such cases you can dispute in the arbitration court at the location of your organization by sending the appropriate authority, the claim, made at the above sample.

Advice 5: What is non-state institutions

Today in large Russian cities, in regional centres there is a fairly wide range of institutions offering to students to get higher education. Even without going into details, on a subconscious level the majority of pupils understand that of the state College or University is something more reliable than the non-state University. Where did this belief true?
What is non-state institutions

What is state Institute

State Institute (University, Academy) suggests that the core funding of higher education institutions is funded from the state budget. For example, the University may be on balance of municipality, province, territory or other subject of the Russian Federation.

Industry specific universities can be funded from the relevant ministries and agencies. For example, the agricultural Institute is on balance of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, or the transport University may be funded from funds of the same Ministry.

In state institutions of higher education usually includes a certain number of budget places for which applicants can enroll on the basis of the results of the final assessment. Training in this case will be free for students, funding comes from the state budget.

What is a non-governmental Institute

Non-governmental institutions, universities, the Academy is a higher educational institution that operate solely on the principle of self-sufficiency. Accordingly, these universities can only offer training on a commercial basis, and funded places in them are not initially provided.
The curriculum in state universities are usually quite conservative – rarely prone to adjustments and experimentation, the students receive education on the well-established standards.

In addition, private institutions are the second feature: after yesterday's students will receive diplomas of the state sample. The latter are not identical to the national diplomas that are issued after training in the public institutions. It is believed that the diplomas of private institutions are less traded than the documents on education in public universities.

Can teaching in a private Institute adversely affect the future career of its graduates

Maybe if a future specialist intends to work in a specific field of activity, it requires specialized education in state institutions. This, for example, public administration, industrial enterprises, agricultural, transport etc.
Non-governmental institutions are not expected to have budget places, and after its completion graduates receive state diplomas.

Today, however, most employers in Russia pay priority attention not on the quality of education of the applicant and his experience in this field. Therefore, except in special cases, there is no fundamental difference to education in public or private higher education institution.

Advice 6: What is non-state pension Fund

Pension Fund is a special organization, engaged in non-state pension provision state pension insurance. The procedure for establishment, registration and implementation of the Fund's activities regulated by special Federal law.
What is non-state pension Fund
The activities of non-state pension funds is growing rapidly and is becoming increasingly important for the realization of pension rights of citizens of the Russian Federation. In addition, these funds work on the basis of a special Federal law, which gives their definition. In accordance with this act of non-state pension Fund is the organization, which has only two activities. The first type is the activities related to non-state pension provision on the basis of contracts concluded between the Fund and its members. The second type is the activity of the pension insurer, implemented in accordance with the law and contracts on obligatory pension insurance.

Peculiarities of activities of non-state pension funds

Private pension funds carry out the above activities independently from each other. This means organisational and financial autonomy to those tasks that are aimed at further protection of citizens. The first activity (private pensions) on a voluntary basis, the main is usually the work of an insurer. Under this Fund collects pension savings, organizes their strict accounting and investment aimed at capital gains. In addition, the Fund appoints, pays cumulative part of the pension, provides immediate, one-time pension payments.

How to create a private pension Fund

The law allows you to create non-governmental pension funds into joint-stock companies with defined features caused by the specific activities of such organizations. These funds responsible for the obligations all property belonging to them, immediately after the creation subject to state registration. Specific is the fact that the decision on the state registration of the Fund, subsequent changes made by the Bank of Russia. Subsequently registered bodies interact with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, telling him all the information about possible changes in the structure and activities of the Foundation. These rules allow us to exercise effective control over the work of the Foundation, to ensure the safety of pension savings.
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