You will need
  • -passport;
  • -SNILS;
  • -application form to transfer the cumulative part of the pension.
To transfer the cumulative part of the pension it is necessary to choose NPF or the criminal code, which (or who) will manage it. Investment portfolios and those of other financial institutions comparable in composition and yield. Still, no harm will be familiar with the profitability of previous years, which showed your chosen managers. It is important that it be stable and overtook inflation.
After the preparations required before 31 December of the current year come into the Fund office with your passport and SNILS. Next, transfer your cumulative part of the pension from the PFR will take the employee NPF
If the choice fell on the UK, also until 31 December of the current year, you must fill out an application to transfer the funded part of pension from PFR. Usually the form of that statement annually to all drops in the mailbox together with a letter from the Pension Fund of Russia on the accumulated amount . If your Inbox, for example, revealed thieves or bullies and you did not find Blanca, you can get it from any district office of the FIU. The statement must specify the name of the management company that you trust your pension, and it was. Further, the statement should bring to the local pension Fund branch or send it there by mail with a notarized signature of the sender.
After receiving the statements of the RPF itself will transfer the cumulative part of the pension to the new Manager. However, after a year you'll have another statement to confirm your choice UK or NPF, or write an application to transfer pension savings to another Manager. If future retirees a year later, "silent", funded part of the pension will come back to FIU.