The activities of non-state pension funds is growing rapidly and is becoming increasingly important for the realization of pension rights of citizens of the Russian Federation. In addition, these funds work on the basis of a special Federal law, which gives their definition. In accordance with this act of non-state pension Fund is the organization, which has only two activities. The first type is the activities related to non-state pension provision on the basis of contracts concluded between the Fund and its members. The second type is the activity of the pension insurer, implemented in accordance with the law and contracts on obligatory pension insurance.

Peculiarities of activities of non-state pension funds

Private pension funds carry out the above activities independently from each other. This means organisational and financial autonomy to those tasks that are aimed at further protection of citizens. The first activity (private pensions) on a voluntary basis, the main is usually the work of an insurer. Under this Fund collects pension savings, organizes their strict accounting and investment aimed at capital gains. In addition, the Fund appoints, pays cumulative part of the pension, provides immediate, one-time pension payments.

How to create a private pension Fund

The law allows you to create non-governmental pension funds into joint-stock companies with defined features caused by the specific activities of such organizations. These funds responsible for the obligations all property belonging to them, immediately after the creation subject to state registration. Specific is the fact that the decision on the state registration of the Fund, subsequent changes made by the Bank of Russia. Subsequently registered bodies interact with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, telling him all the information about possible changes in the structure and activities of the Foundation. These rules allow us to exercise effective control over the work of the Foundation, to ensure the safety of pension savings.