You will need
  • Hunting license, medical certificate, passport photocopy, 2 photos 3×4.
To obtain a license to purchase airguns with a capacity of up to 25 joules, the law introduces some requirements to the citizens. To obtain a license may face:
• under the age of 18;
• not having a criminal record;
• who have a permanent residence on the territory of the Russian Federation;
• not consisting on the account in psychiatric and narcological dispensaries;
• not having medical contra-indications to possession and use of weapons.
If all conditions are met, you can begin gathering the necessary documents and to take special courses in safe handling of weapons. The course is 6 hours, and they are held in one day. After training, the certification and issued a certificate of completion.
For obtaining a license for the purchase of Pneumatics it is necessary to collect following documents:
1. Passport with a photocopy of the main page and the registration page.
2. A copy of the hunting ticket. It is issued upon entry into hunting.
3. Two photos of 3×4.
4. Help form 046-1, is given in the clinic by place of residence during a medical examination.
5. Help with psychiatric and narcological dispensaries.
6. Documents confirming completion of training in safe handling of weapons.
With these documents, you need to go to the Department of licensing of works at Department of internal Affairs at the place of residence. You will need to complete an application form for a license and to take a receipt, which can be paid at any branch of Sberbank. Amount of receipts is specified based on the number of weapons you intend to buy. Now the state duty for the license is a little more than 100 rubles, and the extension is much less.
Within 10 days after filing your application, OLR considers it and makes a decision about what you written notice. The refusal to accept the application must be justified. If it's positive, if you first get a license, you must pass the exam according to the rules of transportation, storage and use of airguns. After 30 days from the date of the exam you will be issued a license, but sometimes this period can be increased.
With a license on hand, you can safely go to the gun shop and buy any weapons, and a safe to store it and the holster. When buying weapons, 2 of the spine of the license remain in a store and 1 is for you. It must be in OLRR to register the arms within 2 weeks.