Membership of a knife or other object that can be used for defense or attack to melee weapons is determined by the length and width of the blade, its hardness, the shape and design of the hilt and butt. In disputable cases it is possible to involve experts in the field of criminology to determine the hazard class and class of item when buying or selling. To buy edged weapons can adult citizens with no criminal record and deviations in mental development. In addition, the right of carrying bladed weapons are belonging to the Cossack communities, licensed hunters, forestry workers, employees of certain government agencies, for example, the interior Ministry and security agencies. Storing items belong to this group are allowed and collectors of antique weapons. The lack of permits is equivalent to a criminal offense.

How to get permission

For obtaining a license (permit) for the purchase and storage of items of knives you need to prepare the documents. First of all, the citizen must have an identity card prescribed by the state model (passport), without the limitations and errors. Before applying for a license must undergo a medical examination and receive a conclusion on the absence of contraindications to possession and ownership of any weapons. After payment of the state fee in the amount established by law and obtaining a certificate of inspection of the proposed place of storage of hazardous items, filled application form and submit an application for the receipt of the document. In addition to the above, to the package of documents I enclose two photos size 3 x 4 cm a Permit to carry, use and storage is issued to the district police station, where you can also receive and act on compliance of places of storage of certain statutory parameters.

How to keep a melee weapon

In accordance with the law, possession of any weapons is strictly regulated. Even collectibles should be hidden from prying eyes, they cannot be placed where they will be available to the person. Demonstration of the collections is permitted only in the cases with shatter-resistant glass, which can be locked. Hunting and military edged weapons are stored in specially designated premises or in safes. Access to the place of storage should be only a person having a permission (license). Transfer of knives for use or storage to third parties is punishable by law, in accordance with the criminal code.