To acquire weapons in Russia can be only citizens who have reached 18 years, they do not suffer mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction or substance abuse. For this they need to first purchase a license.

Will not issue a license and those who have outstanding or not removed criminal record for the crime of intentional nature. Don't get it, and those who are serving a sentence in places of deprivation of liberty. Without a license would remain and citizens with the administrative punishment made during the year several times.

By the way, if you have poor eyesight, it too can not be issued. A license will not be able to get a person with no permanent residence, those who are registered in narcological or psychoneurologic dispensary. Since the license is issued in bodies of internal Affairs, there will have to bring a whole pile of documents proving that you can have a weapon.
To defense weapons classified as gas weapons. There are pistols, revolvers, mechanical sprayers, aerosol and various devices, which are tear or other irritants. By the way, cartridges to gas pistols and revolvers, too, are among the weapons.

Next on the list:

• Firing smoothbore long barrel weapons, including firing rounds with traumatic impact.
• Firearms and tubeless weapons, created in Russia, with gas cartridges, sound and light, and traumatic.

Still to arms for self-defense in the legislation:

• Electro shock device.
• Spark-gap switches with output parameters and always generated in domestic enterprises.
With sports weapons a lot easier.

• This firearm with threaded barrel. That is, pistols, rifles, carbines.
• Fire smooth-bore weapon. This includes those rifles and carbines.
• Sporting arms is edged bladed weapon. That is, swords, sabers, rapiers, and so on.
• And yet the legislator for this class took throwing air guns with muzzle energy not exceeding 3 joules.
Among the hunting weapons include:

• Firearms with a rifled barrel.
• Firearms with a smooth barrel.
• Pneumatic with muzzle energy not exceeding 25 joules.
• And also edged bladed weapon. This knives, daggers, cutlasses, stilettos and more.
Permitted in Russia acquisition of signal arms. Mostly pistols and revolvers, with which you can apply sound, smoke or light signal. This includes so-called flares.

The last category is edged bladed weapon designed to be worn with a Cossack uniform, with various national costumes. It can be swords, knives, daggers and other similar weapons.