Collect medical documents. Make an appointment with the therapist in the polyclinic at the place of residence. Get medical help 046-1. Visit the mental hospital at the place of residence and get my hands on a certificate stating that you are not in it. Also will issue a certificate stating that you're not on the account in narcological clinic.
Make black and white photos of the size 3 to 4 cm on matte paper in 2 pieces. Photocopy of the passport. Pay the fee for the registration of the license.
Visit the Licensing Division of the Department of internal Affairs at the place of residence. Give the employee a passport and its copy, 3 references, 2 photographs. Complete the application for a permit for the weapon. Within 10 days the License and Permits Department on the basis of the submitted documents decides on the permission or on refusal in it.
Pass the exam on knowledge of rules of storage, carrying and use of weapons. To read with the Federal law on weapons No. 150-FZ, article 37 of the "self-defense" of the Criminal Code, Ordinance No. 814 dated 21.07.1998 about measures for regulation of turnover of civilian and service weapons and ammunition.
Get a license to purchase shotguns or airguns. The term of issuance of license for 30 days, however, sometimes it stretches longer. Remember that the license applies to the purchase of one hunting rifle and are valid for six months. If after this period, the firearm was not purchased, you are required to surrender the license.
Take the counterfoil of the license with the stamp store about purchasing weapons Licensing division of the police Department. You must do it within two weeks from the date of purchase. The Department will issue you a card approval for the purchase of weapons.
Get a safety Deposit box or a special metal Cabinet. A police officer pays you a visit and check the conditions of storage of the weapon.