You will need
  • - receipt of payment of lump-sum collection;
  • - application for issuance of a permit;
  • photography;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - medical certificate about absence of contraindications;
  • - documents related to the training;
  • - a copy of the license to acquire arms with a mark of the seller or HOOOOP of the MIA of Russia.
The portal of public Services allows to form e-application for obtaining a permit for the weapon, and choose a convenient for a visit to the interior Ministry for granting of originals of documents and obtain a license. Thus, a personal visit to the Ministry of interior can not be avoided. But despite this, the electronic part greatly facilitates the process of obtaining a license and allows you to plan your time. Because, as a rule, the period of application of the Ministry of interior is carried out in restricted hours, and to feed often required to defend the long queue.
A prerequisite for submitting an application for a license via the Internet is to register on the portal of public Services. It is free, but requires the preliminary verification data of the user and the activation key for the site at the post office and in the office of Rostelecom.
After you log in to your personal account you need service you will find in the section of the interior Ministry. The procedure of applying and obtaining a license depends on the type of weapons: hunting, collectible, defense weapons, pneumatic, rifled, etc.
In an email statement you will need to fill in personal data and other information that is required in obtaining a license.
Next, you will have the opportunity to choose the OU in which you will have to be for a licence, as well as a convenient time and day for personal appeal. In the personal Cabinet in section "My applications" will be given name of an authorized inspector. Here you can print the e-ticket with a specified time, the application, and to learn what documents you need to bring.
Within a few days you should receive a letter stating that the application be processed, but also an invitation to the interior Ministry. You must be a visit at the appointed time and bring the original documents.
Before the license is obtained, the police officer must come to the citizen's place of residence and to check the conditions of storage of the weapon. You have to be in the presence of a metal box and safety Deposit box. Also according to the latest innovations of Russian citizens who buy a gun must undergo a safety training.
You first need to undergo a medical examination and obtain a medical certificate 046-1. In particular, mental health and substance abuse clinic, and also to test eyesight.
In the case of a positive decision you will be invited to the interior Ministry for permission for weapons. A gun license issued by the Ministry of interior for up to six months. The only exception is the gas weapon, which is acquired in self-defense.