About the program

The essence of transmission is that disclosed "sick" theme of society through conversations and discussions it becomes clear what to do in order to make the right decisions. For many years, Andrey Malakhov with his team has helped a huge number of people. Someone thanks to the "Let them talk," returned a baby who was taken to a shelter without a good reason. Someone got through on the government to punish the perpetrators. Of course, the themes in the program raises a very difficult and sometimes shocking. But if not for her, the perpetrators would not be punished.

At the end of each year concludes. Andrey Malakhov says, as the fate of heroes. Often show children that after release of the program found adoptive parents. "Let them talk" is, at most, for an adult audience. Although many watch it with their children. Here we talk about violence, murder, better not do this with your child.

Andrey Malakhov is simply amazing for his ability to "juggle" the opinions of people in the Studio to keep viewers in suspense, but in the end he always gets on the right side. Heroes don't always find a way out of any situation and then helps them with leading, playing the role of psychologist, experienced, intelligent and fair.

In the Studio invited experts, deputies, actors, psychologists, human rights activists etc. They Express their point of view about the situation, which sometimes coincides with the audience, sometimes not. In any case, to follow developmental events is very interesting. Some of the stories about people left disabled cause tears. Especially when it concerns children. But people do not remain indifferent, and in the edition of the program receives a huge amount of emails asking to help the needy.

Each issue of "Let them talk" — finished mini-movie, full discussion of the problems of the characters. You can't always solve them, but Andrey Malakhov with his team genuinely tries to do this.

How to get into the "Let them talk"?

Many wonder how to get into the "Let them talk"? You can use the following methods:
- to enter the official open group social network "Vkontakte" "Let them talk with Andrey Malakhov", find the appropriate topic and explain briefly about your problem;
- call by phone 8 (495) 617 76 28;
- subject to availability to come to the telecentre "Ostankino" street of the Academician the Queen, 12.