You will need
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • - skills acting;
  • - presentable appearance;
The Internet to find the sites you are interested broadcasters. To make it not so difficult. To do this, type in the search engine "talk show", "TV program", "channel", etc. on the websites of the channels often users place bids to participate in the auditions for different TV shows.Such castings can both paid and volunteer. On many famous TV channels the participants of the talk show pay. Regardless of "talking" to this role or not. The average payment per day of shooting from 500 to 1000.
Sign up for an interview. To interview for a talk show simply. Especially if you are applying for the role of an ordinary spectator. Special requirements for potential viewers, TV channels are not put forward. The only thing you need - suitable age and presentable appearance.
Get ready for the interview responsibly. Carefully observe their appearance. Hair, makeup, clothes - everything should be neat. If employers have any special requirements for appearance, it is better to observe them. For example, if an unacceptable piercing, tattoos, and heavy makeup - it is better to follow the advice and not use them or to hide.
Keep in mind that "talking" participants of the programs can be put forward special requirements. For example, acting education, competent speech, voice, experience on similar projects. You may be asked to sing a short acting etude on a given topic or passage from the script.