To get into rotation on radio, it is necessary to have a good producer. He is the organizer of the creative ways the artist. The producer knows what to do in order to keep the song sounded in the air. If you say differently, it is the engine of your creativity. It defines the means and methods of advancement in show business.
Just off the street on the radio no one take. May you be very talented. Remember that radio is not looking for talented people. Doing just the producers and writers (they take all the risk). It just spins artists for big money.
Therefore, the second condition of your success is money. They increase your chances to get played on the radio. But it is important to properly promote yourself (by the way, these are usually a producer does). Otherwise, your money will be wasted.
Every day on the radio twist a lot of songs that people listen to at home, in the car, at work, at a party. But as soon as the song stops playing in the air, the listener switches to another song or their problems. You have to make a potential fan has any desire to talk about you to their friends, acquaintances, relatives. This is the essence of PR.
You should know that any radio station will not take you. Your creativity must fit into the format. For example, if you play hip-hop and R-n-b, then you will not get on the radio "Chanson".
Also, every self-respecting radio station has its own additional requirements by size, file format, recording quality. And you have to put up with it and reckon if you want to sound on the radio.
To get to the radio is possible if you are a close relative (daughter, son) an influential person, or his wife. This will accelerate your progress. Accordingly, you will have the money, a competent producer which you are pushing and make famous.