Advice 1: How to get rid of monthly

The monthly menstrual bleeding accompany women throughout puberty from puberty until menopause. Sometimes a woman wants to postpone their arrival for at least a few days. The most common reason for this desire becomes a planned vacation by the sea.
Sometimes you may need to move your period for a few days
Every month, the female uterus is preparing for a possible conception, its walls overgrown with a layer of epithelium, representing a cozy nest for a fertilized egg. If fertilization has occurred, the epithelial cells are rejected and eliminated from the body with some amount of blood. In women who have had abdominal surgery to remove the reproductive organs, periods cease altogether.
Some of the girls in their desire to lose weight Deplete your body so that they occur anorexia, menstruation does not appear for a year or longer, but this way of getting rid of monthly extremely hazardous to health, its effects can be more than sad – from the inability to have children can be fatal. So no need to mock him, the more that delay the onset of bleeding or even skip one of them may be a more gentle way.
But don't try to play in the independence, be sure to consult a gynecologist you trust. It is the doctor will be able to choose oral contraceptives, with which you can adjust your cycle. Part of of birth control pills include hormones that can impede fertility and changing the structure of the uterine epithelium. After the termination of their reception at the women occurs menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding. While the woman drinks the pill, her periods did not come. But be sure to ask the doctor exactly how you take a contraceptive. Some drugs start a new pack immediately after finishing the old, in others (multi-phase) may have to start with the first pill, and with a specific not to start a new cycle, and just prolong the same. But remember to resort to this method only in an emergency and under medical supervision.
After finishing a pack of pills, start immediately new
There is another way of getting rid of the monthly long-term without consequences for the organism. Hormonal spiral Mirena birth control has a dual effect. The amount of hormones secreted by it, is so insignificant that the Mirren set even lactating women. But of these hormones is enough to protivopozharnogo action. Under their influence the epithelium are practically not formed, periods become very short and scanty, and sometimes altogether disappear. The spiral may be in the body for up to 5 years, the reproductive function in women is restored immediately after its removal.
Pregnancy also can be considered as the option of getting rid of menstruation. Monthly disappear immediately after conception, and restored sometimes only a couple of years after the cessation of breastfeeding. And this is the only way to get rid of them, not contrary to human nature.

Advice 2 : What to do if a stomach ache when menstruation

With monthly pain faced by thousands of women. And each of them is struggling with this problem in different ways. Although, of course, with this symptom need to consult a doctor. But before the visit to the specialist to alleviate their situation, you can try on your own.
What to do if a stomach ache when menstruation
You will need
  • - painkillers;
  • - warmer;
  • - chocolate and bananas;
  • doctor.
One of the main recommendations is to take analgesic drug. It can be any form of issue - tablets, syrup, drops etc. One of the most effective and safe is this drug as "Ibuprofen". Drink the quantity of a medicine which is spelled out in the instructions. But do not expect that the pain will leave you instantly - you'll have to wait 15-30 minutes. To the drug worked better to start taking it 1-2 days before menstrual bleeding.
In some cases, to get rid of menstrual pain helps heat. Put on the lower abdomen hands - it is desirable to choose the point where the most sick. The heat generated by the hands, will help soothe the discomfort. Sometimes for these purposes use a hot water bottle filled with hot water. Just don't overdo it, it should be moderately hot - not hot. Otherwise the risk to treat the skin burns.
Those who do not help neither tablets, nor heat, sometimes recommend physical activity. For example, jumping or squats. Thus increases the flow of blood and relieves pain.
Get rid of the discomfort with sleep. Leave all Affairs and activities, take off from work and sleep. Due to the General relaxation of the body can take and the pain intense abdomen.
Reduce pain, engorged your body with happy hormones i.e. endorphins. To do this, simply eat regular chocolate, banana or drink a Cup of cocoa.
Sometimes the problem with regular pain help to solve hormones or, as they are called combined oral contraceptives. However, remember that to take such kind of medicines is necessary only after a thorough examination and consultation. Because wrong drugs can only worsen the situation.
Quite often for getting rid of pain recommend yoga. They restore balance and harmony between the mental and physical condition of women.
Useful advice
Remember, be sure to visit a doctor. Because these measures are all temporary and not the fact that it is on you work. It is therefore necessary to conduct a full examination to identify the cause.

Advice 3 : How to stop my period

Menstruation is normal for women of childbearing age. But sometimes you need that it ended early. You can try some ways which will help to achieve the goal.
The maximum duration of the period shall be 7 days. If they are plentiful and are longer than required, it is recommended to contact a gynecologist. He can figure out the true cause of this phenomenon and prescribe a medication that will eliminate this problem. But is that going to a specialist does not always have the time, so you need to act quickly.

Folk remedies

To stop menstruation, you can use nettle. It is an ancient method that has helped many. A decoction of this plant is recommended to drink during menstrual period. It is based on 4-5 tablespoons of the dry herb in 500 ml of hot water. Nettle is filled with water, a 5 minute boil in a water bath and infuse for half an hour. To drink a decoction is necessary for 100 ml before meals, three times a day.

To stop menses with the help of lemon. It should be consumed for 3 days prior to expected onset of menstruation. At the same period comes a few days late, and will not last long.


If you need to quickly stop your period, you should purchase medicines. Quite a lot of them, but the most popular are menadione, dicynone, trinixy. They quickly stop menstruation, but before applying you need to read the list of contraindications. After all, the consequence of taking these medications is often thrombophlebitis, so you need to consult a gynecologist.

Oral contraceptives

To stop menstruation by using contraceptives, but only need to take them constantly. To achieve its goal should not be prescribed to a break in the contraceptive pill. However, doctors are against this method of regulation of the cycle because it often leads to poor health, hormonal issues and problems with his recovery.


Some women constantly suffer prolonged menstruation, but it can be cured, you only need to implement some of the recommendations. First, you need to lead an active lifestyle, and secondly, sex life should be regular. You should also not sit on a diet, the body needs a balanced diet, then he will not fail. All this will allow to reduce the duration of menstruation and make it less abundant. Moreover, these recommendations will not harm the body, on the contrary, it will function as a clock.

Advice 4 : As a woman without pills to relieve periodic pain in the abdomen

Is that the next menstrual cycle is accompanied by severe drawing pains in the abdomen. It's very frustrating, but do not rush to swallow pills "at random". In this case, there are many ways to relieve suffering.
As a woman without pills to relieve periodic pain in the abdomen

Why is there pain during menstruation

When a woman stomach pain before or during menstruation, she feels like the whole world stopped. However, this pain, too, is different in its intensity. Quite tolerant of sharp pains in which you can go to work, to the unconscious state and the failure of the lower extremities.

Clearly that any type of pain or cramps during menstruation – an unnatural state and, in the first place, indicates the presence of any inflammation or pathology. Menstruation is a natural process, it should not cause too severe discomfort.

So if you have long been concerned about such pain or it started recently, you first consult your gynecologist and get tested for the presence of disease or any pathology.


Generally, painful periods can be divided into two stages. When girls from the very beginning they were accompanied by spasms and colic. This is the primary stage. Or secondary stage, when women after 30 years there are recurrent pain as a result of infections of urinary system, surgery, after pregnancy and childbirth.

At the same time, there are cases when the primary stage was stopped after the birth of the female child, since the uterus is the better reduced. However, if the pain does not cease, but rather intensify or if the woman is unable to conceive, and premenstrual period, like the menses, is accompanied by a number of specific symptoms should immediately be examined not only from your gynecologist, but also by other specialists: gastroenterologist, neurologist, osteopath and therapist.

How to relieve pain when menstruation without painkillers?

The simplest and most effective way to get rid of abdominal pain during menses may be a process of complacency. Get rid of stress, try to calm down, to relax. Think about what you would be good to do or eat and make plans.

Scientists have already proved that the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol during menstruation has a negative impact on the menstrual cycle, as it reduces the permeability and elasticity of blood vessels, and the blood loses its viscosity. In addition, bad habits are much more harmful effect on the female body than the male, causing early menopause, aging skin, the risk of cancer. Refuse from nicotine and alcohol at least for the period of menstruation.

Avoid hypothermia, excessive physical activity and eat right. Everything should be in moderation. Drink plenty of fluids and can afford a small chocolate bar because it has "anti-stress" effect.

For very severe pain, the type in a plastic bottle with hot water, put her on her stomach and press up to his chest. So lie down for about 15 minutes. Hot heating pad will increase blood flow and relieve tension and spasm.

Drink herbal tea with lemon balm, chamomile and other flowers. It would benefit women's health. It is important to fully sleep for 8-10 hours and to observe the regime of rest and work.
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