Every month, the female uterus is preparing for a possible conception, its walls overgrown with a layer of epithelium, representing a cozy nest for a fertilized egg. If fertilization has occurred, the epithelial cells are rejected and eliminated from the body with some amount of blood. In women who have had abdominal surgery to remove the reproductive organs, periods cease altogether.
Some of the girls in their desire to lose weight Deplete your body so that they occur anorexia, menstruation does not appear for a year or longer, but this way of getting rid of monthly extremely hazardous to health, its effects can be more than sad – from the inability to have children can be fatal. So no need to mock him, the more that delay the onset of bleeding or even skip one of them may be a more gentle way.
But don't try to play in the independence, be sure to consult a gynecologist you trust. It is the doctor will be able to choose oral contraceptives, with which you can adjust your cycle. Part of of birth control pills include hormones that can impede fertility and changing the structure of the uterine epithelium. After the termination of their reception at the women occurs menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding. While the woman drinks the pill, her periods did not come. But be sure to ask the doctor exactly how you take a contraceptive. Some drugs start a new pack immediately after finishing the old, in others (multi-phase) may have to start with the first pill, and with a specific not to start a new cycle, and just prolong the same. But remember to resort to this method only in an emergency and under medical supervision.
After finishing a pack of pills, start immediately new
There is another way of getting rid of the monthly long-term without consequences for the organism. Hormonal spiral Mirena birth control has a dual effect. The amount of hormones secreted by it, is so insignificant that the Mirren set even lactating women. But of these hormones is enough to protivopozharnogo action. Under their influence the epithelium are practically not formed, periods become very short and scanty, and sometimes altogether disappear. The spiral may be in the body for up to 5 years, the reproductive function in women is restored immediately after its removal.
Pregnancy also can be considered as the option of getting rid of menstruation. Monthly disappear immediately after conception, and restored sometimes only a couple of years after the cessation of breastfeeding. And this is the only way to get rid of them, not contrary to human nature.