Training with this simulator represents a simulation of walking the stairs, where the weight of the body alternately is moved to one side, then the other. A similar exercise has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, the joints and muscles of the hips and pelvis. When executed, the leg muscles are working in dynamic mode, whereas the muscles of the abdomen, waist and back are used only statically – in other words, when playing with stepper people includes almost half of his body.
While taking full advantage of the muscles and the highest amplitude step, first, loaded buttocks, allowing them to form a beautiful and elastic shape much faster and more efficiently than with any other cardio. To achieve noticeable results, it is sufficient to allocate to the class with stepper ten minutes several times a day. After the muscles get used to the load, the exercise time can gradually increase to ten minutes, not forgetting to monitor the body's response and your heart rate.
For maximum utilization of muscle when working with the stepper you must first good to stretch them, warm up the thighs and buttocks – this minimizes the degree of stress and overwork. Then you need to get on the Stairmaster absolutely right, relying on the surface of the entire foot in diluted knees. When running walking, the body should be slightly tilted forward, but the posture must be kept completely vertical, without the slightest bending of the back.
Training on the stepper you need to start and finish at a calm relaxed pace at the end with stretches for five minutes to consolidate the effect and relieve stress. When the body gets used to the daily classes, you must enter two days in a week without exercise on the stepper, replacing it with other types of exercises that allow the muscles to perform more multitasking, focusing on one walking. When the above conditions classes with stepper maximally load the muscles and will quickly form a beautiful legs and buttocks.