There is a special diet that help to get better. But by altering your diet in accordance with the terms of the diet, you will recover not only the buttocksbut also in other areas. Eat rye and wheat bread, fish, pork, chicken, cereals, pasta, eggs, fatty dairy products, pastries, etc. But don't drastically change your diet. The increase in the number of calories should happen gradually. Eat two to three times a day, and between meals make snacks. Drink plenty of fluids. With this approach, you will quickly gain weight.
If you are not satisfied with the first method, you don't want to gain weight, but I wish your butt was bigger that will help you physical exercise. With them, you will pump the gluteal muscles, and as a result increase their volume, but butt will look toned and sculptured. The most simple exercise that you can perform, this is a common squat, in order to effect a faster and better pick up a dumbbell. When you squat, keep the angle between the femur and tibia was 90°. It will be enough to do the exercise 3-4 times a week, but approaches can vary from 3 to 16 10-15 times. Of course, if you just started to do, repetitions and approaches should not be much, otherwise you risk overtraining.
To make flat buttocks more prominent relief and help and training on the stepper. This machine simulates climbing stairs, i.e., specifically not to buy it, but just every day instead of the Elevator, use the stairs and a month later you will notice that your buttocks have a beautiful shape and form.
If you don't want to spend time on exercises and exercises, you can resort to a radical method. With the help of buttock augmentation can change the shape and volume of the buttocks. Silicone implants placed under the gluteal muscle, increased volume of this body part. The indications for this surgery are the inability to fix the form by using physical activity, the desire to increase buttocks, injury, illness, etc Contra-indications: diseases of internal organs and the cardiovascular system, diabetes, endocrine disorders, age under 18 years.