The efficiency of a Bicycle "

Modern gyms offer many exercise equipment that are designed for all muscle groups, however, "bike", familiar to many from school physical education lessons or sports clubs to give no hurry. "Bike" is an exercise from the category of "cheap and cheerful": it does not require special sports training or a good physical form, are performed without any equipment except maybe a Mat – and extremely simple in execution.

While operating this exercise involved the muscles of the hips and back, and press: straight abdominal muscles and obliques. The latter is especially valuable for women - thus, a chiseled narrow waist.

Regular performance of "Bicycle" with the increasing pressures is necessary for building the body as the same with a constant load, the body adapts and stops without progress – contributes to drawing the beautiful embossed press. To grow the abdominal muscles will not virtually, it is unusual, but the quality of the body will improve noticeably. Flat tight stomach, you to doing three to four days a week only for 15 minutes a day, the main thing – the regularity for several months. A couple of weeks, of course, will not give any visible result, but, by and large, to any exercise.
"Bicycle" has a positive effect on metabolism, bowel function and overall tone.

Another advantage of "bike" - it does not carry any harm to the body, can occur at any age, to refrain is only pregnant. The rest of the "bike" has no limitations. Especially suggest this exercise for patients with varicose veins and BPH, as it helps to restore blood circulation in the feet and pelvic organs and tones the blood vessels.

The implementation of "bike"

Lie on the floor or Mat, put your lower back tightly pressed to it; keep hands behind head, not touching in the "castle"; bend the knees at an angle of 45 degrees. Breathing steady. Then alternately touch right elbow to left knee – the right one slightly elongated and remains on weight, and Vice versa. Blades at the bottom touch the floor. Two-three approaches on ten repetitions will be enough.
To strengthen the load can be only slowing the exercise.

Remember that the correct implementation of the "Bicycle" includes a quiet breath, pressed to the floor the back – lifts the scapula and shoulders which do not fall on the floor and are constantly in the air. Exactly like the legs while the knee of one leg bent, other leg remains elevated.

The implementation of "Bike" slightly varies: if the load is not enough, you can use weights or run it in the pool, leaning on the rail in one and the other side. Additional impact would water, increasing the efficiency of exercise.