The maximum frequency of the human heart rate is 220 beats per minute, the high frequency is physiologically impossible. Take it to the limit in sports is strongly not recommended, only if you are a professional athlete. To find out maximum heart rate, subtract 220 from your age in years.

To monitor the heart rate either manually or with a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors built in to many machines, but also sold as a standalone device

Of course, this method is not very accurate. If possible, it is better to verify the maximum safe your heart rate using special equipment. The equipment will take into account many factors, not just age.

In some areas of pulse that can be enjoyed

There are five pulse areas in which to train. The first is called the zone of recovery of the heart. Heart rate in this zone is 50-60% of the recommended value.

To do in this area of the most easy and pleasant, so it is recommended for beginners and having poor health. To achieve this frequency of pulse is possible with the help of walk on a treadmill, training on an ellipsoid, the stepper. In this zone up to 85% of energy will come from fat deposits.

Area recovery hearts can be used as rest interval training

Minus a workout – it must be very long to bring fairly quick results. Although pulse conditions and is ideal for fat burning, this process will be slow because of slow calorie consumption. Of the benefits – lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The next pulse zone fitness zone, here the heart rate can reach 70% of the maximum. In this exercise fat burning is more intense than the previous stage. Additional bonuses will be to strengthen the heart muscle and respiratory system.

Value in 70-80% of maximum heart rate corresponds to the aerobic zone. Classes in this area will enhance the endurance of the heart muscle, increase the amount of blood vessels. Increases lung capacity, increases strength of heart contractions.

In the aerobic zone of the pulse energy is drawn half from carbohydrates and half from fats. It is therefore important to properly organize the meals, otherwise forces training simply will not.

In the anaerobic zone the heart rate reaches 80-90% of the limit. Now the energy comes mainly from carbohydrates. In this area are weight training.

The last area is very unsafe, as the pulse rate reaches physiological limits. Long-term training in this area is impossible, so it is used only with interval loads. Alternating a few minutes of moderate and 1-2 minutes of maximum loads.

What heart rate zone to choose at the gym?

Zone selection pulse depends on the goals you pursue at the gym. If you want to lose weight, definitely practice in the area of recovery of the heart or in the fitness area, depending on the state of your health. Aerobic zone choose in the case if you initially enough trained people.

If you came to the gym to increase muscle mass, you should train in the anaerobic zone. It enhances endurance and stimulates the growth of muscles.