The main objective of all kardiotrenazhery – strengthening the heart muscle. Therefore, training on such simulators involve staying in constant motion, which leads to a significant increased heart rate. Just 30 minutes of cardiotrainer burn large amount of fat.
Bike affects not only heart, but also on the muscles of the lower extremities. He is pumping buttocks, thighs and lower leg. The rotation of the pedals is essentially a mini-squats without weights.
Treadmill – a great exercise for weight loss, if you can not get out on the street Jogging. Training on the treadmill also help to strengthen the muscles of the legs.
Stepper – cardio machine that simulates climbing stairs. Climbing stairs is recognized as one of the most energy-consuming activities, so this trainer is extremely effective for weight loss. Additionally, the instrument works the muscles of the lower extremities.
Elliptical machines are a combination of a stepper and a treadmill. In contrast to these two simulators, in the classroom on the ellipse substantially unloaded knee joint. The effect is in General similar to those from a stepper and a treadmill separately.
Other simulators are considered to be power. They affect an isolated group of muscles or the aggregate of such groups. Task force equipment – to provoke muscle growth. Fat burning and strengthening the heart muscle here pale into insignificance.
Leg muscles have the most depth, because they require a high intensity workout. For developing the muscle groups there are the following simulators: simulator platform simulator for leg extension at the knees sitting, trainer for bending the legs at the knees, lying down, exercise equipment for the calf.
On the simulator platform from the reclining position is made a focus in both feet perpendicular to the ground platform. The student's job is to push the platform up and return to the starting position.
Trainer leg extension sitting is a seat under the lower part of which has a roller. Challenge: straighten your knees, pushing the cushion in front of him.
Trainer leg curl lying - there is a horizontal bench with a slope and a roller located behind. You want to put your feet under the roller and bend them toward the buttocks.
Exercise equipment for the calf involve the placing of the feet on tiptoes and back through the stress.
Abdominal muscles – one of the most unpretentious. They differ in hardiness and fairly rapid growth and recovery. Their workouts are designed the bench on which various angles climb the case. Also to train the press in the vise, lifting the straight legs parallel to the ground.
Chest muscles developing in the gym, involving the pinch with widely spaced hands. It is such devices as "butterfly", the simulator of the hammer crossover.
Triceps pumped on the treadmill frame block, pulling block for a head. In addition, the triceps work at the dips.
The back consists of several muscle groups, which worked through traction exercises at the gym. The same simulator block frame is perfect for the back. Pull the block to both the chest and the head.
The shoulders also consist of several sub-groups of the muscles and largely pumped through the work with free weights, not exercise machines. Indirectly, the shoulder muscles are utilized when you work on traction equipment, and when push-UPS.