Beer produced industrially, contains a large number of additives, preservatives and ethyl alcohol. Depending on the grade it contains between 4 and 10 percent carbohydrate. Consumption of this drink increases the appetite because alcohol suppresses brain activity, and he "forgets" to give the body a signal about saturation.
If you drink 1.5-2 liters of beer, can provide half the daily requirement of calories, not including snacks: nuts, chips, croutons, pizza, kebab etc. the Extra calories will inevitably deposited on the hips and on the abdomen even if you use a non-alcoholic counterpart. The calories contained in beer are even more dangerous because of the fluids digested several times faster than solid food.
The basis for any sort of alcoholic beer are hop cones contain phytoestrogens. Estrogen is a female sex hormone, it makes the shape more curvaceous. In men, the phytoestrogens lead to the formation of fatty deposits on flanks, abdomen, back, chest. Alcohol suspends the body's synthesis of testosterone and growth hormones, leading to tissue dehydration, so drinkers are sagging muscles. The slow formation of testosterone reduces the potency. The regular use of beer for 15-20 years can cause impotence.
Beer consumption negatively affects the health and appearance of women. A healthy female body is enough of its own hormones, estrogens obtained from the outside lead to negative changes in appearance: there are folds of fat, rounded thighs bloating. Damage hormonal system, beer can cause infertility, missed abortion. After drinking this drink in the face dilate the blood vessels, it is puffy, bloated, appear the characteristic "bags" under the eyes.
Another reason for the appearance of excess weight because of the beer - reduction of motor activity. The more a person drinks, the less it moves. In the body there are active processes of formation of fat reserves. It is scientifically proven that alcoholic beverages slow the metabolism. As a result, the body turns to consume fat reserves, and if necessary, begins to consume muscle tissue.