Infertility the Female body is a delicate and intricate mechanism, its operation is much more complex men. Global changes in the hormonal background of women happen monthly and any interference in this process from the outside is a real threat. And it was so rough invasion is the introduction to the body of phytoestrogens contained in beer. A woman's body is designed so that it itself, on its own produces the female hormone estrogen, and excess distorts the normal picture. As a result, violations occur serious changes in the menstrual cycle, the tissues of the uterus (they expand and become loose), the allocation of the excess of secretions in the fallopian tubes etc. All of this threatens to infertility or mutation of the fetus.
Ecologiepremie of estrogen in the bodye women provokes its transition over the border, which is considered to be the norm. Scientists call this process cell proliferation. That is, when the body receives extra activation from the outside, it disorientated and begins to move in the wrong direction, very often – on the way to cancer. Scientifically proven fact effects of beer on the reproductive state of the female organs allows to speak about increase in the risk of breast cancer. Scientists do not undertake to say unequivocally that beer in some cases provokes tumors, because cancer is quite a General concept, but the fact that it can increase this possibility, is undeniable. But the dependence of the consumption of beer and cancer of the rectum and colon are quite scientifically grounded and proven. The occurrence of these terrible diseases in women who regularly drink beer, 40-50% higher than those who are indifferent to beer.
Changes in Povedniki men, beer lovers, decreases with time and sexual desire, and the possibility of normal intercourse, and the ability to conceive, a woman's chance of conception and successful pregnancy is significantly reduced, but libido increases. Such is the impact of the same phytoestrogen — analogue female hormone. That is, a woman wants and can, and her partner does not want and can not. Comes disharmony in the relationship. If a woman does not have a permanent partner, she "hung up" on the first meet, so her unbridled desire. This effect of hops (plants) on the female body used to be called syndrome of "cat on heat", and did not allow women to work on the plantations of hops.
Extra vesevo – pretty high-calorie beverage: one liter contains approx 450-500 kcal (the stronger the beer, the more calories). And this despite the fact that the day a person needs from 1500 to 2500 kcal (depending on age, weight, occupation, etc.). But the beer barely costs one liter of the drink per day, especially on weekends. Also, favorite beer snacks – it is salty crackers, nuts and chips, fried or smoked chicken wings, potato balls, French fries, ham, bacon etc high-calorie foods. In the end, the daily intake of calories significantly exceeds the norm. Well, where's the extra weight, there is the desire of women to so-called fast diet, starvation, no useful constraints in food. All of this leads to impairment of health.